Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some Good News

The gift of Tajh Boyd and Logan Heastie keeps on giving to the 2009 WVU recruiting class. In previous years early pledges for Ohio State and USC have worked on friends and fellow recruits throughout the process. Unfortunately for WVU the big names that have landed have usually been late in the process (Gwaltney, Devine) and therefore were unavailable for such help. The early pledges of Boyd and Heastie meant that they have been recruiting for WVU since March. They brought up a bunch of friends for the Spring Game and that led to Dominik Davenport pledging in April. Now Davenport has joined Boyd and Heastie to work for WVU's next class. This work has led to WVU landing Shawne Alston,a three star running back from the same school as Dominick and Boyd.

"I've been with 'Baby D' every day and he's been talking about West Virginia and saying, 'You need to come up there,' " Alston said, referring to Davenport.
Alston ran for over 1,500 yards as a Junior with 26 touchdowns with a torn meniscus in his knee. Shawne is considered a power back despite running a 4.5 40 due to his size of 5'11" and 220 pounds.

In other news Owen Schmitt is getting ready for his first NFL season with the Seahawks and is fighting for the second fullback spot behind Leonard Weaver. He sat down for an interview with The News Tribune and had some interesting comments about the change in offense in the NFL compared to college and the response from the interviewer was classic.
Q: How different is the offense here from the one you ran at West Virginia?

A: Oh God. We had 12 plays there. Literally. And we ran six of them.

Q: Give it to Slaton?

A: Yeah. Literally, we had 12 plays and ran six. Maybe. At the most.

Q: And Rodriguez got a job at Michigan for it?


Gregg said...

Yeah, we also had twelve plays in the past as well. This comes as no surprise.

01-02: Give ball to Cobourne to the left/right, Marshall tuck and run up middle/bootleg, bubble screen to Braxton for little gain

03-04: Give ball to Wilson left/right, give ball to Harris left/right, Marshall tuck and run up middle/bootleg, throw bomb to Chris Henry

J.D. said...

I think that's actually what the names of the plays were too.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me gentlemen, are we not pleased about the excellent recruiting class? Thanks to TS for keeping this blog going.

wolf said...

Anon-- go fuck yourself, what we are saying is we are tired of Dicks shitty ass play calling.. if you remember Slaton and White were 3rd string their freshman year and we got lucky that everyone else got hurt.... That bald headed fucker sucks and always will... go buckeyes ... not really