Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tough Schedule?

You won this battle Hoppy... but you haven't won the war!Well, we're a little late on this one. I mean, for crying out loud, the Stateline Statewide Automotive Sportsline Show (or whatever its called) beat us to it. Nevertheless, mad props to Hoppy...

WVU was ranked by CNN/SI to have the 21st toughest schedule entering the 2007 football season. For Chist's sake, SI's website is slooooow. But I really have nothing to add at this point, so I'll just throw up a quote from the article.

Why they're No. 21: Big East bashers might argue that West Virginia only has to play a couple of tough games all year, but the Mountaineers' schedule suggests otherwise. West Virginia didn't schedule any Division I-AA foes and faces three nonconference games against teams that went to bowls last season. That includes a Thursday night nonconference road game with a Maryland team that went 9-4 in '06. West Virginia does get Louisville at home this year, but the Mountaineers also must travel to South Florida and Rutgers. South Florida won at West Virginia last year in one of the season's biggest upsets, while Rutgers lost to the Mountaineers in triple overtime.
WVU's ranking means they have the toughest schedule of any Big East school followed by Pitt and Louisville. Rutgers, meanwhile, has a relative cakewalk of a schedule. Two of their tough 3 are at home (WVU and USF), but must travel to Lousiville.

That's all I have. Apologies to our readers, two of us are buried in paperwork and one of us is on vacation.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Keeping Tabs on Frank Young

Our only semi-potential draftee for this year's NBA draft, Frank Young, recently worked out with the Bulls of Chicago fame whereat he claims to have shot well.

His range of expectations for the upcoming draft vary widely from being a mid to late second round pick to scraping by in the Summer Leagues. At a minimum, he would like to shoot a few West Virginia Lottery commercials.

Apparently, he shot very well at that work out, as less than a month ago, he didn't expect to be drafted at all.

And from that same article, our former head coach, who shall remain nameless, perhaps summed it up the best:
"They care more about how high a guy jumps or how fast he runs. They don't have a measuring device for intangibles," Beilein said. "Frank's proved he has an NBA jump shot, and his basketball IQ is as high as anyone I've ever had. He really
understands the game.

"I think he has a great chance to play in the NBA, but it's difficult for any graduating senior with all the Europeans being drafted."
I know nothing about the NBA draft, so I'm not really qualified to make predictions, but the cynic in me says that Frank's not getting drafted. I hope I'm wrong. And I hope he grows some extra long chin hair.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Replacing Maryland

This marks the last year WVU and Maryland will play for a while as the Fridge has decided head for the west coast in an attempt to finally finish off the San Andreas fault when Maryland takes on California the next two years. WVU has been left scrambling for an opponent for the two year gap (hopefully then the rivalry resumes in 2010) and one has been found in Big 12 country. It has been announced that WVU will play Colorado in the 2008 and 2009 seasons.

Colorado had a home-and-home football series lined up with North Carolina in 2008 and 2009, but the Tar Heels opted out. So the Buffaloes lined up West Virginia to take the spots on the schedule, with ESPN helping to facilitate the deal. Both games could be on either ABC or a cable outlet.

Colorado and Auburn will give WVU two BCS teams on the schedule out of conference in '08-'09. Other non-conference teams in both years are Marshall and ECU. Villanova is scheduled in 2008 and hopefully they will have a football team by then because I don't know that they have one now. There is still one open date for '09. Hopefully the school that is signed will have helmets made by then or can let Villanova borrow theirs for '08.

Vacation bitches

The vacation started a little shaky with Wolf leaving us at the airport for an hour and a half because he fell asleep passed out. However, things have since picked up. And for those who have never met me and wonder what kind of woman would marry a guy like me. A girl that will take this picture while Wolf was busy letting soccer kids bang balls off of his face:

Don't ever ask me why people are moving south in droves. You just don't see strings like that up north unless they are in boots. Watch out for the restaurants on the beach, they'll put you down for a few hours. This cat lives with Wolf and could use a comb, or haircut, or a hose and the better half is a little concerned about a hairball it ralphed up, apparently she's never actually seen a hairball before:

One Too Many Flying Headbuts

Chris Benoit, the formerly awesome midget wrestler of WCW and WWF fame, was found dead in his Georgia home along with his wife and 7 year old son.

Investigators believe Benoit, (pronounced ben-WAH) killed his wife and son over the weekend and then himself sometime Monday. The bodies were found Monday afternoon in three different rooms of the house on Green Meadow Lane, in a subdivision off a gravel road about two miles from the Whitewater Country Club.
Investigators believe the cause of death was multiple leg drops. Randy Savage is being sought for questioning.

What, too soon?

Sorry, in all seriousness, this is just crazy sad. Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up, but my tasteless sense of humor sometimes gets the best of me. Similarly, the WWE wasted no time in acting in equally bad taste by airing a 3 hour tribute to a suspected murderer in place of Raw last night.

Our thoughts go out to Benoit's and his wife's families. Tragic.

Friday, June 22, 2007

At least it's football

Pimpbot was not available for picturesThe CFL preseason season has begun. The news for former WVU running back Avon Cobourne is still confusing. Cobourne had made news previously with an experiment at linebacker in camp. In the first preseason game Avon returned a missed field goal 111-yards (they play on a 750 yard field or such non-sense because of the conversion rate of US to Canadian dollars) and had two kick returns for 40 yards and 5 punt returns for 34 yards. The game stats have no tackles for Cobourne or carries so he may be strickly a return man at this time despite being listed as the starting linebacker on the position chart for the game. Listed at running back for the Alouettes in the game were former Husker Dahrran Diedrick, former Hokie Mike Imoh, and former Terp Bruce Perry (who fumbled in the game and I'm sure was hurt at some point). Thanks to the Wolf for the link and for moving to Florida so I can crash there for a week on my vacation.

In other former Mountaineer news I did a search on Grant Wiley because he has not been heard from in a while. I'm not joking about this, according to Wikipeidia Grant is now a male model. I have no idea if Stephen Colbert is behind this or if Grant is actually to sexy for his shirt. Though I did find this interesting. But I refuse to post pictures of male models on the site (actually they wouldn't embed). I will, however, refuse from doing anything else to make fun of Grant and his latest endeavor as it probably involves being around half naked hot women for hours on end and more importantly he can probably still do this.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

His Middle Name Is "Bernard"?!

While most of the upcoming story isn't particularly suprising, one aspect of it is: Pacman Jones's middle name is.... "Bernard".

So, from that little misunderstanding at a Las Vegas strip joint, he was charged with some felonies. Specifically, he was charged with two counts of:
NRS 207.190 Coercion.
1. It is unlawful for a person, with the intent to compel another to do or abstain from doing an act which the other person has a right to do or abstain from doing, to:
(a) Use violence or inflict injury upon the other person or any of his family, or upon his property, or threaten such violence or injury;
(b) Deprive the person of any tool, implement or clothing, or hinder him in the use thereof; or
(c) Attempt to intimidate the person by threats or force.
Which carries the punishment of:
(a) Where physical force or the immediate threat of physical force is used, for a category B felony by imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not less than 1 year and a maximum term of not more than 6 years, and may be further punished by a fine of not more than $5,000.
(b) Where no physical force or immediate threat of physical force is used, for a misdemeanor.
Ouch. Minimum one year sentence. Looks like his suspension may have gotten just a little bit longer.

From a legal standpoint, at this point, it appears the State of Nevada has enough to make these charges stick. The State's theory goes: a) the bouncers were just trying to do their job by attempting to break up the fight; b) Pacman essentially told the bouncers on two seperate occasions to stop interfering or he'd kill them; and c) their perception that his threats were credible is reasonable. I'd suspect a plea down to misdemeanor assault or immunity if Pacman gives up the shooter's identity.

You can read the full criminal complaint here. Its just a more detailed version of everything we've all already heard about. But just to bring everyone up to speed:

He was making it rain for one particular stripper he knew from the Georgia area. Another, unknown stripper starting taking some money. Those two strippers starting fighting and Pacman lended a helping hand by punching the unknown stripper in the face a few times. Meanwhile, some other dude grabbed Pacman's money and made a run for it. Pacman starting chasing the dude, but the bouncer Aaron Cudworth gave Pacman a big hug from behind, partly to show affection partly to immobilize the, ahem, punt returner. They were escorting Pacman outside when he wiggled free and jumped on stage, crossed his arms and shouted, "I ain't fucking going nowhere... We outta... I'm gonna fucking kill ya... Matter of fact, all you's are gonna get it."

The scene apparently turned into a (absent the eventual tragedy) comedic concoction of 1 part Benny Hill Chase and 1 part classic Western bar brawl with the bouncers repeatedly, but unsuccesfully trying to give Pacman hugs. In a new social gesture, one of which I am not yet familiar, Pacman returned the favor by repeatedly, but unsuccesfully trying to punch each bouncer. Finally, the bouncers got everyone outside. Pacman, again, allegedly threatened Cudworth that he was going to shoot him. Finally and tragically, some other dude stepped from around a dumpster and fired 5-6 shots at Cudworth, striking the bouncer and two other individuals.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's wedding season

Are you kidding me? I love crab cakes! They're phenomenal. Why don't you try getting jacked off under the table in front of the whole damn family and have some real problems, jackass. Hey, what were they like anyway? They looked pretty good, are they real? Are they built for speed or comfort? What'd you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat? You motorboatin son of a bitch! You old sailor you! Where is she? She still in the house?

Every wedding is a chance to make a memory (for the bride) that will last forever. The groom just tries to make it through without wrecking everything while wondering why that ring hurts so damn much. Know what else hurts? Handcuffs. Just ask the bride, groom and Quincy Wilson. From the Gazette:

Friends said Wilson was attending a wedding party at the bar when police asked several people to leave the area, then arrested those who refused, Cincinnati station WLWT-TV reported. Wilson, the bride and the groom were among those arrested. Wilson, a native of Weirton, was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, Dial said.

Either the police were way to quick to start trying to arrest everyone in sight, a claim I've heard of Huntington before, or that is the coolest bride ever for going down with the ship when the cops came. Not so cool, the honeymoon in jail. Watch your cornhole Peterman.

Go comatose for me baby. White trash. Hillbilly.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Round of Reubens

Never heard of a drive-by knifing.Pacman Jones + strip club + guns = blah blah shooting blah blah suspension blah blah no charges yet. We've been down this road so many times it isn't even worth making a joke. But eventually if he keeps doing this it will be funny again. Then it will get old again.

In some better news future Mountaineers have been participating in many all-star games recently and with some success. We may have a whole team of players capable of playing quarterback eventually. From the Plain Dealer:

Najee Goode is intent on being the best linebacker he can be for West Virginia University. And maybe, just maybe, the Benedictine graduate could play a little quarterback in a pinch.

"They have a lot of quarterbacks there," Goode said of West Virginia. "I'll be glad to help any way I can."

Goode threw three touchdown passes in a span of 4:42 during the second quarter, and he iced the East win with a late 77-yard touchdown scamper before a crowd of more than 2,500 at John Carroll University.

In another all-star game:
Kentucky's Keith Tandy threw for 113 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Kentucky All-Stars to a 38-24 win over Tennessee last night in Lexington. Kentucky trailed 21-10 at halftime but outscored Tennessee 28-3 in the second half for the team's fifth win in the last six games between the border rivals.

Tandy, who is headed to West Virginia, directed the decisive drive with a 23-yard touchdown pass to Kentucky Mister Football and Louisville-bound Douglas Beaumont with six and a half minutes remaining.

One player that won't be used at QB is Gino Gradkowski although his brother has played a little for Tampa Bay. Gino joined WVU signee's Will Johnson, Julian Miller, and CJ Mathews in the Big 33 Game and moved to center for the first game in his career as he could see playing time there or at his natural guard position as a freshman as there have been indications that Gino could be a freshman to make the traveling squad.

Morgantown's Junius Lewis will be playing this week in a North-South all-star game which I would assume would be for WV and not the entire country based on the article.

Finally, MSN has a story up about Steve Slaton's recovery from post-season surgery here. There isn't anything shocking in the story, but if you go to the main page here you can watch an interviews with either Slaton or Eddie Davis where Davis admits he never lifted weights while in high school which is amazing that he was recruited as a DI football player then. Who does he think he is Herschel Walker? I believe Steve is on his 10th hairstyle in the last 5 months.

Friday, June 15, 2007

EDSBS Regains Status as Blogosphere Deity

As we've previously mentioned, EDSBS took a bit of a hit in the eyes of we Bastards. But as our BFF (ed. note: we've been informed that when one party considers the other BFF, but the other party is only casually aware of the other's existence, its more commonly referred to as "stalking". See, for example: BSR and a certain former WVU male cheerleader), we couldn't stay mad for long.

They've got a man-crush on Owen Schmitt. And that, for us, is just compensation for any past transgressions.

Football Fans Sadistic, Cruel

In a suprise to everyone - except Matthew Mcconaughey - Marshall will be featured on television at least 5 times this year.

MU is scheduled for an ESPN network four times (against WVU, Memphis and Southern Miss on ESPN2 and against Miami on ESPNU) and once on CSTV (Rice).

WVU, similarly, is currently scheduled for 5 television appearances.

WVU is beginning the season in just about everyone's Top 5. Marshall, on the other hand, sucks. So why so many TV appearances?

Its a perfect example of society's odd obsession with failure, with ugliness, with country music. Wait. What? Country Music? Sure, its all about perspective. And nothing improves one's perception of his or her own situation like seeing or hearing about a trainwreck, literally and figuratively. Think Paris Hilton. Thanks to the clever folks over at Conference USA, we'll get to see Britney's c-section scar 5 times this year.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Round of Reubens

Pacman Jones may have dropped his appeal of the year long suspension in an attempt to get his suspension down to 10 games next year, but his lawyer is going on the offensive for him. He is apparently unhappy with the police leaking information to the press among other things. From the Tennessean:

"This case has basically ruined his life. The suspension stemmed from this," attorney Manny Arora said. "We've got him out of playing football. His family is suffering. He's suffering. His image is suffering. It's time to put an end to it. Either you have a case or you don't. It's been five months," Arora said. "The guy that was shot deserves some justice. Just because the nightclub owner says (Jones) was (in the middle of things) doesn't make it so. If it was that clear-cut, five months later we wouldn't be desperately trying to get some sort of misdemeanor charge to stick."

Jone's DNA did not match that of the bite mark left on a bouncer's leg which means there is a biter crawling around somewhere in Vegas so be on the lookout.

MSN has a good story about the basketball team's summer workout's here. The most shocking aspect of the article:

To bring an Eric Hicks in who benched 240 pounds when he walked into the door … we have one guy who benches more than that and nobody else even close.

Who could be the one Mountaineer that can bench 240 pounds? I wouldn't put money on Bawinkel or Alexander. My guess would be Wellington Smith or an outside shot and Butler. But no wonder the team was getting beat up down low. If 255 pound Jami Smalligan can't bench his weight he can't stop Roy Hibbert one on one. The lack of strength may have been a reason why a guy like Mike Gansey couldn't latch on in the NBA. That and a death virus.

Steve Slaton's wrist has healed after surgery so he feels better than Mickelson going into the weekend. I'm hoping Phil makes the cut, I know some people going up this weekend and maybe I can get them to take a picture of the manboobs if he's still around. They just seem so perky when he's happy and so droopy when he's sad. They are like a mood ring, maybe a boob ring.

This one time at band camp

Father's day is coming up this Sunday and if you are like me you probably are getting the old man the same thing as last year, not a damn thing. Well this year could be different. Take him to a free flute camp concert the week after Father's Day and the tears of joy will be impossible to stop. WVU flute camp is presenting a series of free concerts at the CAC on June 20-23.

The camp includes flute master classes, small group lessons with WVU students and faculty, tone and technique classes, chamber music ensembles, a large flute choir, faculty recitals and a final gala concert for family and friends.

Maybe since Pacman has nothing better to do he could make an appearance and play the triangle. Henry may or may not show up, but if he does you can bet he will be allegedly arrested for something which may later turn out to be totally made up. My bet, throwing hand grenades at legless chihuahuas.

Michael Vick is currently on the wait list. If he can get them those gun legs like the chick in Grindhouse then they will never lose.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yah! Its more Michael Vick!

Via With Leather:

It's been awhile

I've been really busy at worky of late and that has decreased my ability to post so you haven't heard from me for a while. Another person we haven't heard from is Chris Henry. According to the Fanhouse, things are about to change for one of us. Henry is under investigation for allegedly beating up a 16 year old boy. From Deadspin:

The teen identified that man as Bengals receiver Chris Henry, and says receiver Reggie McNeill was also in the vehicle. The teen also alleges that they were throwing beer bottles at him as he tried to run away. "Go away, we don't want to talk to you."

In Henry's defense it was only because the young lad would not give him directions to the local high school so Henry could tool around looking for babes with his Boone's Farm.

AOL Fanhouse is now reporting that Henry could be innocent again so for the second time he could have been wrongfully accused. Just goes to show you that if someone reports that Chris Henry robbed a liquor store while dressed like the Syracuse Orange and then ran over a group of nuns and children in his get-away no one would question it for a few days.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One last thing on Riddick Bowe

I was only 12 or so when this happened, so its new to me. But I didn't feel complete posting a post (redundant?) about Riddick Bowe without also including this. Check out around the 2:40 to-go mark for some good kickboxing and a great tackle. That - that's not legal either, man.

Oh, there is also this, too:

Classic Jim Lampley: "Somebody's gonna get hurt in there." He's speaking from experience. ZING!

(Remember how I was saying this is what boxing is missing these days? Well, maybe not exactly.)

Now that that is taken care of, you won't hear about Riddick Bowe on this blog ever again, unless he cures cancer or creates peace in the middle east... or wins an eating competition.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Yay! Girls make-out Tuesday!

In light of the lack of sporting news. Major league baseball, the NBA finals, the CWS and womens CWS not being enough to talk about. Even classic boxing replays can't satisfy me anymore. Thus, I chose to institute Girls make-out Tuesday. Enjoy.

The Bastards Revisit Holyfield-Bowe I

Say what you will about the ESPN dynasty, but ESPN Classic has been great lately with its weekend marathon of NBA finals (which probably got better ratings than the current finals) and nightly classic boxing. Last night's classic boxing featured the first match up between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe. Both fighters entered the ring undefeated and the 30 pound smaller Holyfield was the champ.

Round 1 began with the boxers trading punches for essentially the entire 3 minutes - a theme that would continue throughout the fight.

The fight continued alternating between brutalizing inside exchanges and sharp exchanges from the outside. Back and forth the fighters went exchanging at punch rates comparable to those of welterweights.

The fight culminated in the 10th round, featured below. This round 10 is one of the best rounds of heavyweight boxing which this Bastard can remember.

Round 11 was marred by a blatant rabbit punch by Bowe. Riddick caught Holyfield with an uppercut, which spun Holyfield around and against the ropes. Bowe teed off on the back of Evander's head knocking him down, but not out. The ref missed it and Bowe was given the knock down. Evander eventually recovered - a testament to his Rocky-esque will power (or idiocy, which is why the 80 year old Holyfield is still trying to box).

A lot of folks are talking about how boxing is dead, replaced by the "new" MMA. I would argue boxing is merely down, but not out. There are, currently, tons of quality exciting fighters in the lower weight classes. Unfortunately, there are no real quality heavyweights. And American audiences, for whatever reasons, seem to prefer exciting heavyweights. When they make their return, and there are a few potential heavyweights on their way up through the ranks, boxing will again regain its popularity. Or at least I hope so.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Two Bastards Watch Clemens 2007 Debut

The headline might be misleading here- there were thousands of bastards in attendance Saturday as The Rocket took the hill to face the Yanks in NYC. A better story may be soon to follow, but for now I provide a few snapshots of the trip.
I also have some pics of the new construction on Yankee Stadium II just a few blocks away from the current. As sentimental as I am about the house that Ruth built, it might be time for a new park in the Bronx. Constructed in 1923, it has great views of the field from everywhere, really good $8 Bud Lights and a ton section 33's. I personally was in four I think.
Billy's is a great bar a block or two away from the park, wherein a nice girl with white shorts helped me when I was so thirsty. She was probably in really good shape about a year ago. Not sure what that means- I thought she was alright yesterday myself. A friend of the Bastards- the one who took tummysticks to the football conference- seemed pretty confident she was twelve months past her physical apex. Kissin' wears out, cookin don't.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bye Bye Bob

Like many college students I spent most of my undergraduate career trying not to have a class before noon if possible. A trait I also carried over into my graduate career and then law school. A good day was spent eating my breakfast while watching the Price is Right. I learned how much a car should cost, when to bid $1 and never to take the showcase showdown if you have a chance and the first one for bid includes camping equipment because the trips and cars are coming in the second. That said, I'm saddened to report Bob Barker has filmed his last official episode to air on June 15th. I for one will be at home watching on that day and yelling at all the idiots that don't know how much coffee creamer costs. A couple classic Price is Right clips.

420 guy:

and for BSR, the Family Guy's take:

and nsfw language family guy:

New Jersey

Who's left after next week?

I'm not sure if there is one big enough to fit Tony Soprano, but he may not need one after next week anyway (and I'm sure he'd probably go with Rutgers). Anyway the 2007 WVU football jerseys have been released in blue, white and gold in both Slaton's number 10 and White's number 5. You can take a gander or even purchase one here if you want to shell out some cash. Just don't bother wearing your new jersey to de Lazy Lizard if you can pull this off.

Avon Cobourne a linebacker?

CFL news has reported that WVU's all-time leading rusher has been moved to linebacker this year despite being undersized and not playing defense in a decade.

"Like any other offensive player, I've got a cocky attitude," Cobourne said. "I thought they were kidding me."

But this is no joke. Cobourne, who left West Virginia with 5,146 career rushing yards and 42 touchdowns, is being converted into a linebacker, although he stands only 5-foot-8 and weighs 205 pounds. Not only has Cobourne never played linebacker, he hasn't lined up as a defensive player since he was a freshman in high school. That experiment lasted three games.

"I've wondered whether they're setting me up for failure," said the 28-year-old.

Alouettes head coach Jim Popp wants Cobourne on his roster as a special teams contributor, and believes the odds of that happening for the Camden, N.J., native are better on defence.

"We're trying to give him the best opportunity of getting on the field," Popp explained. "He does a lot for the team. The key is getting on the field as much as possible. I'm trying to make sure he has a spot."

It appears that the position change is going to stick despite Avon's concerns. From the second day of training camp for Montreal:

There were several solid hits, including a remarkable one coming from running back-turned-linebacker Avon Cobourne.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Small Order of Reubens

Johnny from the Mountainlair, and frequent commenter hereto, has a nice post over at the Fanhaus considering break out players this coming season in the Big East. Among those listed, he includes Wes Lyons, our skyscraper of a receiver. I might have to disagree a little with that one, as his hands still looked suspect and his route running was a tad sloppy during the Blue-Gold game, but with that height and a 50 gallon drum of stick-um, he might be unstoppable.
Additionally, for the USF component of that list, I would include Mike Ford, RB, over Grothe. Ford is, as of yet, relatively unknown at the D-1 level and will add that much needed second dimension to USF's offense. Grothe, on the other hand, was Big East rookie of the year in 2006 isn't exactly an "unknown". With the addition of Ford, USF could be a serious contender this coming season in the Big East and moves my expectations of USF from middle of the pack to a contender for the Big East title.
Wanted: Fat BitchesSecondly, the almighty EDSBS has taken a bit of a fall from grace in the eyes of the Bastards, but through no fault of their own. After all, if we weren't WVU fans, we certainly would have ran with this video as well. (We have not posted said video for the sake of maintaining *some* dignity.) Some advice to all of you out there, the next time your buddy says, "Hey, lets post this on youtube." Kick him in the balls.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Update on the arrests

The Daily Mail has the arrest report from early Saturday morning. Jason Gwaltney was pulled over on Riddle Avenue going 36 in a 25. He admitted to drinking a beer and blew a .045 while failing to have a driver's license. Quinton came out from an apartment complex. He was told repeadedly to leave the area and did so after being threatened with a tasering. He then walked back to his apartment and the officer followed him to "see if he was going to get a weapon." The cop wouldn't let Andrews close the door and Andrews told him "You can't fucking arrest me!" and tried to shut the door. The cop proved Andrews wrong and arrested him for obstruction. Quinton didn't exercise the greatest judgment in arguing with a police office, but did the officer really think Q was coming back to the scene with an AK-47? It reminds me of this episode of COPS, and yes that is Tom Servo as the droid.

Jason Colson sighting

Both hands on the ballTwo years ago Jason Colson was set to be the next WVU running back to carry the load for the Mountaineers. Colson's season started with a nightmare at Syracuse and ended with a fumble at Virginia Tech. Enter Steve Slaton and exit all other running backs. Colson's football career is continuing after his graduation and he started off his new season with a much better showing. Colson has two rushing and a receiving touchdown in his debut with the West Virginia Gladiators in a 41-6 beatdown of the TriState Spartans in Steubenville, Ohio. Colson saw limited playing time due to the blowout and ended the day with no fumbles. The Gladiators are coached by Willie Cunningham, who played for the Mountaineers in the 80's. Other former Mountaineers on the team are RB Freddie Little ('02-'03), WR Terrence Wiltshire ('97-'98), & OL Roderick Smith ('98-'01) and maybe Jeff Noechel who has been practicing with the team. We will try to keep you updated on all the exciting semi-pro action as the season continues. I love any league where linemen smoke in the huddle.

Fulmer Cup Action

One of we Bastards favorite WVU players, Quinton Andrews, was arrested presumably last night after an apparent night of college kid debauchery. From the charges, it appears the polive involvement began when Gwaltney was stopped for speeding, but was also charged with underage consumption of alcohol and failure to produce a valid license. Andrews was charged with obstruction. Apparently, the police didn't care he led the team in interceptions last year or that Gwaltney used to be the "next big thing". I expect WVU to be awarded with 1 point.
The question remains: if Gwaltney was charged with speeding, he was driving, right? And if he was charged with underage consumption of alcohol, he was drinking, right? And isn't driving + drinking + speeding = DWI? I guess the police felt sorry for the former 5 star recruit.

Andrews has had a string of discipline problems ultimately resulting in his suspension from last year's Rutgers game and this year's Blue-Gold game. It is unfortunate that the WVU safety cannot confine his reckless disregard, which makes him such an entertaining player, to the field.

No details were immediately available. Consequently, we cannot yet opine upon the seriousness of this infraction. As former perpetual 21 years olds with college experiences lasting an average of about 8 years, we Bastards know very well that kids drink and they drive and they get in trouble. Until more details are available, I'll continue to assume this is just a minor infraction. I'll update when more is available.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Pirates 2 - Ninjas 0

There really is no story to go with this post. Unless I get into the Pirates versus Ninjas debate. I will resist any temptation to do so, and let you go back to perving on these unconcious sea worthy mates.