Friday, June 22, 2007

At least it's football

Pimpbot was not available for picturesThe CFL preseason season has begun. The news for former WVU running back Avon Cobourne is still confusing. Cobourne had made news previously with an experiment at linebacker in camp. In the first preseason game Avon returned a missed field goal 111-yards (they play on a 750 yard field or such non-sense because of the conversion rate of US to Canadian dollars) and had two kick returns for 40 yards and 5 punt returns for 34 yards. The game stats have no tackles for Cobourne or carries so he may be strickly a return man at this time despite being listed as the starting linebacker on the position chart for the game. Listed at running back for the Alouettes in the game were former Husker Dahrran Diedrick, former Hokie Mike Imoh, and former Terp Bruce Perry (who fumbled in the game and I'm sure was hurt at some point). Thanks to the Wolf for the link and for moving to Florida so I can crash there for a week on my vacation.

In other former Mountaineer news I did a search on Grant Wiley because he has not been heard from in a while. I'm not joking about this, according to Wikipeidia Grant is now a male model. I have no idea if Stephen Colbert is behind this or if Grant is actually to sexy for his shirt. Though I did find this interesting. But I refuse to post pictures of male models on the site (actually they wouldn't embed). I will, however, refuse from doing anything else to make fun of Grant and his latest endeavor as it probably involves being around half naked hot women for hours on end and more importantly he can probably still do this.

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