Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Update on the arrests

The Daily Mail has the arrest report from early Saturday morning. Jason Gwaltney was pulled over on Riddle Avenue going 36 in a 25. He admitted to drinking a beer and blew a .045 while failing to have a driver's license. Quinton came out from an apartment complex. He was told repeadedly to leave the area and did so after being threatened with a tasering. He then walked back to his apartment and the officer followed him to "see if he was going to get a weapon." The cop wouldn't let Andrews close the door and Andrews told him "You can't fucking arrest me!" and tried to shut the door. The cop proved Andrews wrong and arrested him for obstruction. Quinton didn't exercise the greatest judgment in arguing with a police office, but did the officer really think Q was coming back to the scene with an AK-47? It reminds me of this episode of COPS, and yes that is Tom Servo as the droid.

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Option Spread said...

Narrator: "The Screaming Skull" is a motion picture that reaches its climax in shocking horror.

Mike Nelson: ...But we cut that.

Narrator: This climax is so terrifying that it may have an unforeseen effect. It may kill you.

Tom Servo: If you watch it in front of a moving bus.

God I miss MST3K. Nice find.