Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bye Bye Bob

Like many college students I spent most of my undergraduate career trying not to have a class before noon if possible. A trait I also carried over into my graduate career and then law school. A good day was spent eating my breakfast while watching the Price is Right. I learned how much a car should cost, when to bid $1 and never to take the showcase showdown if you have a chance and the first one for bid includes camping equipment because the trips and cars are coming in the second. That said, I'm saddened to report Bob Barker has filmed his last official episode to air on June 15th. I for one will be at home watching on that day and yelling at all the idiots that don't know how much coffee creamer costs. A couple classic Price is Right clips.

420 guy:

and for BSR, the Family Guy's take:

and nsfw language family guy:

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