Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fulmer Cup Action

One of we Bastards favorite WVU players, Quinton Andrews, was arrested presumably last night after an apparent night of college kid debauchery. From the charges, it appears the polive involvement began when Gwaltney was stopped for speeding, but was also charged with underage consumption of alcohol and failure to produce a valid license. Andrews was charged with obstruction. Apparently, the police didn't care he led the team in interceptions last year or that Gwaltney used to be the "next big thing". I expect WVU to be awarded with 1 point.
The question remains: if Gwaltney was charged with speeding, he was driving, right? And if he was charged with underage consumption of alcohol, he was drinking, right? And isn't driving + drinking + speeding = DWI? I guess the police felt sorry for the former 5 star recruit.

Andrews has had a string of discipline problems ultimately resulting in his suspension from last year's Rutgers game and this year's Blue-Gold game. It is unfortunate that the WVU safety cannot confine his reckless disregard, which makes him such an entertaining player, to the field.

No details were immediately available. Consequently, we cannot yet opine upon the seriousness of this infraction. As former perpetual 21 years olds with college experiences lasting an average of about 8 years, we Bastards know very well that kids drink and they drive and they get in trouble. Until more details are available, I'll continue to assume this is just a minor infraction. I'll update when more is available.

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