Friday, June 15, 2007

Football Fans Sadistic, Cruel

In a suprise to everyone - except Matthew Mcconaughey - Marshall will be featured on television at least 5 times this year.

MU is scheduled for an ESPN network four times (against WVU, Memphis and Southern Miss on ESPN2 and against Miami on ESPNU) and once on CSTV (Rice).

WVU, similarly, is currently scheduled for 5 television appearances.

WVU is beginning the season in just about everyone's Top 5. Marshall, on the other hand, sucks. So why so many TV appearances?

Its a perfect example of society's odd obsession with failure, with ugliness, with country music. Wait. What? Country Music? Sure, its all about perspective. And nothing improves one's perception of his or her own situation like seeing or hearing about a trainwreck, literally and figuratively. Think Paris Hilton. Thanks to the clever folks over at Conference USA, we'll get to see Britney's c-section scar 5 times this year.

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