Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One last thing on Riddick Bowe

I was only 12 or so when this happened, so its new to me. But I didn't feel complete posting a post (redundant?) about Riddick Bowe without also including this. Check out around the 2:40 to-go mark for some good kickboxing and a great tackle. That - that's not legal either, man.

Oh, there is also this, too:

Classic Jim Lampley: "Somebody's gonna get hurt in there." He's speaking from experience. ZING!

(Remember how I was saying this is what boxing is missing these days? Well, maybe not exactly.)

Now that that is taken care of, you won't hear about Riddick Bowe on this blog ever again, unless he cures cancer or creates peace in the middle east... or wins an eating competition.

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