Thursday, June 14, 2007

This one time at band camp

Father's day is coming up this Sunday and if you are like me you probably are getting the old man the same thing as last year, not a damn thing. Well this year could be different. Take him to a free flute camp concert the week after Father's Day and the tears of joy will be impossible to stop. WVU flute camp is presenting a series of free concerts at the CAC on June 20-23.

The camp includes flute master classes, small group lessons with WVU students and faculty, tone and technique classes, chamber music ensembles, a large flute choir, faculty recitals and a final gala concert for family and friends.

Maybe since Pacman has nothing better to do he could make an appearance and play the triangle. Henry may or may not show up, but if he does you can bet he will be allegedly arrested for something which may later turn out to be totally made up. My bet, throwing hand grenades at legless chihuahuas.

Michael Vick is currently on the wait list. If he can get them those gun legs like the chick in Grindhouse then they will never lose.


Option Spread said...

Those aren't dogs. Those are midget kangaroos.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Actually I believe they are bouncing chick magnets. You could have no game whatsoever and if you took those things to a park every girl there would come over to you.