Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Small Order of Reubens

Johnny from the Mountainlair, and frequent commenter hereto, has a nice post over at the Fanhaus considering break out players this coming season in the Big East. Among those listed, he includes Wes Lyons, our skyscraper of a receiver. I might have to disagree a little with that one, as his hands still looked suspect and his route running was a tad sloppy during the Blue-Gold game, but with that height and a 50 gallon drum of stick-um, he might be unstoppable.
Additionally, for the USF component of that list, I would include Mike Ford, RB, over Grothe. Ford is, as of yet, relatively unknown at the D-1 level and will add that much needed second dimension to USF's offense. Grothe, on the other hand, was Big East rookie of the year in 2006 isn't exactly an "unknown". With the addition of Ford, USF could be a serious contender this coming season in the Big East and moves my expectations of USF from middle of the pack to a contender for the Big East title.
Wanted: Fat BitchesSecondly, the almighty EDSBS has taken a bit of a fall from grace in the eyes of the Bastards, but through no fault of their own. After all, if we weren't WVU fans, we certainly would have ran with this video as well. (We have not posted said video for the sake of maintaining *some* dignity.) Some advice to all of you out there, the next time your buddy says, "Hey, lets post this on youtube." Kick him in the balls.


Johnny said...

It's all a crap shoot, but thanks for the pub! It's actually kind of sad that Grothe led the team in rushing and passing. Then again, it's really sad that we lost to those bastards last year!!!

The Lyons thing is kind of wishful thinking. It would just be a shame if he never develops into the weapon he should be.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Speak for yourself, I have no dignity, pride, or self-control. I will knock down that wall with one punch.