Thursday, June 14, 2007

Round of Reubens

Pacman Jones may have dropped his appeal of the year long suspension in an attempt to get his suspension down to 10 games next year, but his lawyer is going on the offensive for him. He is apparently unhappy with the police leaking information to the press among other things. From the Tennessean:

"This case has basically ruined his life. The suspension stemmed from this," attorney Manny Arora said. "We've got him out of playing football. His family is suffering. He's suffering. His image is suffering. It's time to put an end to it. Either you have a case or you don't. It's been five months," Arora said. "The guy that was shot deserves some justice. Just because the nightclub owner says (Jones) was (in the middle of things) doesn't make it so. If it was that clear-cut, five months later we wouldn't be desperately trying to get some sort of misdemeanor charge to stick."

Jone's DNA did not match that of the bite mark left on a bouncer's leg which means there is a biter crawling around somewhere in Vegas so be on the lookout.

MSN has a good story about the basketball team's summer workout's here. The most shocking aspect of the article:

To bring an Eric Hicks in who benched 240 pounds when he walked into the door … we have one guy who benches more than that and nobody else even close.

Who could be the one Mountaineer that can bench 240 pounds? I wouldn't put money on Bawinkel or Alexander. My guess would be Wellington Smith or an outside shot and Butler. But no wonder the team was getting beat up down low. If 255 pound Jami Smalligan can't bench his weight he can't stop Roy Hibbert one on one. The lack of strength may have been a reason why a guy like Mike Gansey couldn't latch on in the NBA. That and a death virus.

Steve Slaton's wrist has healed after surgery so he feels better than Mickelson going into the weekend. I'm hoping Phil makes the cut, I know some people going up this weekend and maybe I can get them to take a picture of the manboobs if he's still around. They just seem so perky when he's happy and so droopy when he's sad. They are like a mood ring, maybe a boob ring.

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chutta said...

As one of the people you know going to the US Open, I am sad to report that my man boobs were the primary set there (no Mickelson sightings). That isn't totally true though as the event is right outside of Pittsburgh. Man boobs abounded.

I gave Tiger a hearty "You can do eet" which was followed perfectly by an "all night long" from a fellow scholar a few yards down in the gallery. It was enjoyed by all except Tiger who, of course, did not acknolwedge us.

I can also report that Tiger does not follow the old adage of always poop before you tee off on 1. He dropped a deuce immediately after knocking in his put on a nasty portajohn. It has been reported to me, but not confirmed, that he shit a perfect nike swoosh. I personally have no doubt.