Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That was dumb

There are many reasons why Joe Mazzulla and Cam Thoroughman got drunk and arrested at PNC Park last night. For one you have to get drunk to watch the Pirates. But to get so worked up that Cam had to be subdued?

Police said Mr. Thoroughman, a 6-foot, 7-inch forward on the Mountaineers team, reached across a counter toward an officer.

This led to at least two officers grabbing him as they demanded that he place his hands behind his back.

He continued to struggle with the officers after police used a burst of pepper spray to control him.
First, and most obvious, Cam was a big Xavier Nady fan and to lose him and Damaso Marte to the Yankees for what seemed like less than market value can upset a fan. Another reason could be that Mazzulla and Thoroughman read about WVU falling to #4 as a party school and started doing something to remedy the situation. But most interesting is that Cam decided to tell the arresting officers that he was 17. He is 6'7" and weighs 215 pounds. Mazulla showed that he, as always, is a good teammate by jumping into the fray to pull Cam out and even throw a punch at the officers. And while no one doubts his effort sometimes you worry about Joe's ability to finish as he ended up spending the night in jail too. Huggy is going to let the judicial process play out and in the meantime work on endurance in some sessions at Kegler's.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Well played. You tied a lot of good stories together.

Anonymous said...

Is Huggybear at Keglers among those stories? I know the X-man in the Bronx is huge. He came up big down 11 runs two nights ago. Thanks Shittsburgh. Lots of fun.

On the other hand, Marte came up huge against Ortiz in a win. Pittsburgh had some talent. When will Doughboymit and McClouth hit the road? You don't want to be too good.

MuScLe FiBeRs & bUcKeTs !!!

chutta said...

Huggy lives at the Waterfront Hotel in a condo. He is known to frequent the hotel watering hole known as the Rat Pack. This keeps him off our roads (such as Don Knotts Blvd and Don Nehlen drive named after other local luminaries).

Eventually, however, he will wear out his welcome by abusing his comped bar tabs and may be forced to rely on benefactors at more distant watering holes. Someone should volunteer to drink and drive him around when that time comes. Better you than him with a DUI, right?

chutta said...

Huggy's muscle fibers sponge up more Ten High than your muscle fibers, biatch. YEAH!

Anonymous said...

Mazzulla and Thoroughman,both 20 have been charged with resisting arrest,disorderly conduct and underage drinking.Mazzulla faces an additional count of aggravated assault.These both are Basket ball players.



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