Friday, May 30, 2008

DickRod Mediation

Tummysticks and Option went on vacation for the week. If one of them weren't already married I would have wondered about them sharing a bed, a bar of hotel soap and multiple fruity rum drinks with two straws. I would have wondered or been really jealous. I am not sure. Anyway... just this one shitty post this week since I actually had to work. Sorry sports/rambling/crap fans. I stole the story below from Yahoo. It is an AP line anyway. As an attorney myself, I don't suggest holding your breath on this mediation. Especially with the Garrison situation, which would look like a tasty possibility for a scapegoat at trial if I were DickRod's counsel. WVU fumbles... at least enjoy the pictorial. Gracias Collegehumor.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP)—West Virginia University’s $4 million lawsuit against ex-football coach Rich Rodriguez is headed for mediation, with the goal of resolving the dispute by Aug. 1.

But WVU attorney Jeff Wakefield says Judge Robert Stone’s order is standard, and he thinks it’s unlikely mediation will help.

Wakefield says the university remains firm in its position that Rodriguez owes $4 million under the contract in place when he resigned in December to take Michigan’s head coaching job.

If mediation doesn’t end the dispute, Stone will hear motions on Nov. 10.


chutta said...

Nice work with limited time. Some excellent photos. I heartily approve.

I actually have spent some time today reading the deposition of Mike Brown, RRod's agent.

Here's Brown in a friendly exchange with attorney Fitzsimmons for WVU:

"And so based on that, I
did what any other agent would do representing his
client when you have such a great job as Michigan is
open, with its tradition; the fact that they have a
great president and athletic director; and they
give -- people earn their degrees there instead of
giving them out for free. So, you know, I --
Q. What did that mean? Who's talk -- are
you here just to try to blast West Virginia? I take
it you don't like West Virginia, right?
A. No, I'm just saying what's facts in the

Robon, RRod's attorney, cannot seem to understand that no speaking objections are allowed in depositions. He comes across as a tool.

chutta said...

To summarize, so far. It sounds bad for RRod. His agent admits that the agreement has a four corners provision. He admits that it has a notice of breach provision. He admits that he advised RRod not to sign it. He admits that he feels the breach by WVU occurred on Dec 15, yet he contacted MU on Dec 11. He admits that he never provided notice to WVU of a perceived breach, even after those dates.

Anonymous said...

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