Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chris Henry and other criminals

It's been awhile since Henry made any news. Good thing he likes to drink and smash.

Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry has been accused of punching an 18-year-old man in the face and breaking his car window with a beer bottle, according to court documents filed Wednesday.
Henry likes them young and that goes in the bedroom too ladies. He served two days in jail for letting minors drink in his hotel room. My guess here is that the young man just didn't want to stay the night and that made Mr. Henry sad. When asked for comment on the punch/window smashing Henry's agent had this to say:
"I was told it didn't happen that way," Frazier said.
Well that clears everything up.

Maybe Henry needs a coach that understands him. Like this dude:
A Hofstra assistant football coach was suspended with pay by the university after being charged with misdemeanor assault. Assistant defensive backs coach Kahmal Roy was charged Monday for his part in a fight that broke out after a recreation league touch-football game. The 28-year-old Roy punched 57-year-old Stephen Malone as they were shaking hands after a game Sunday, Nassau County police said. Roy said through a spokesman that Malone started the fight by spitting on him. Malone denies spitting and tells Newsday that he suffered a broken face bone and a knee injury.

A sad day for Southern WV nudie bars as the owner of several Southern XPosure clubs was sentenced to more than three years for income tax evasion and fraud. One of those is near a Biscuit World, but BSR would never let me eat there (or the Biscuit World). The ladies will be dancing with heavy hearts this week and a black patch over their left nipple to remember Mr. Cline. Note: patch will probably come off in the jacuzzi room.

Finally, speaking of cocks the WV Humane Society thinks we'll see more of them in the state as Virginia has made cockfighting a felony while it is only a misdemeanor in WV. WV has considered toughening the laws, but has put it off as part of the state being "Open for Business."


Anonymous said...

Not that I speak from experience, but more than one of the Southern Xposure establishments is but a short drive from a Buscuit World.

I let you eat wherever you want.

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say thanks for keeping the blog interesting tummysticks. Those of us who like to drop by from time to time would be terribly disappointed by the lack of reading material if we were dependent on the other bloggers on this site. Kudos!

Mongo said...

Henry was always one weird looking dude.