Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Round of Reubens

First a name I've never heard before. Damon McDaniel. McDaniel is from the Virginia Beach area and was one of the top recruited wide receivers in 2006. He completed his second year at Florida State last year with 4 catches and 7 for his career. In high school he was coached by Chris Beatty. None of this is really important until you read that McDaniel left FSU and is currently in community college while deciding where to go next.

“I’m still sorting through the recruiting process and have narrowed it down to Virginia Tech and West Virginia. I haven’t heard much at all from Virginia Tech.”
He just visited Morgantown unofficially last week. Unfortunately for him as of now WVU hasn't offered either. Might be time to expand the list.

In all-around sports news WVU is currently sitting 6th in the Director's Cup standings. The Director's Cup shows overall excellence within the athletic department. WVU has never finished higher than 41st in the overall standings.

Maybe Chuck Finder should file a story. Pitt suspended safety Sherod Murdock and possibly may have files charged against tackle Jason Pinkston for an alleged off-campus fight. After the fight Murdock may have been a little fired up. And since this is from a site citing an anonymous source we'll take the next step in "telephone" and say that Murdock was found completely naked and covered in blood riding an old atomic bomb through the dorm halls like Slim Pickens while shooting lazers out of his eys. Purple monkey cow poop.

Finally, one of the former WVU players that we never thought would be in trouble was Boo McLee. We take that one back now as McLee is headed to court on drug possession with intent to deliver.
State police filed the charge against Cleo Kevin "Boo" McLee, 24, of Uniontown, after a traffic stop. Police allege McLee, a minor league arena football player, had $506, marijuana and cocaine when he was pulled over in Uniontown for three alleged motor vehicle violations in October.
Not sure what the amount is that makes it intent to deliver in Pennsylvania or if the drugs were in Ingram-like individual baggies, but I'd use the "going to see the Crue" defense in this case.

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