Monday, April 28, 2008

Leaving WVU

Some by choice and others probably kicking and screaming. First the draft and following free agent signing period had 8 former Mountaineers join NFL teams. Of the drafted Steve Slaton went in the 3rd round (89th) to Houston, Owen Schmitt went in the 5th round (163rd) to Seattle, and Ryan Munday was chosen in the 6th round (194) by Pittsburgh. Joining those three were Johnny Dingle (KC Chiefs), Darius Reynaud (Minnesota Vikings), Marc Magro (St. Louis Rams), Eric Wicks (Seattle Seahawks) and Keilen Dykes (Arizona Cardinals) by signing free agent contracts (all from Wikipedia). Not a good weekend for the WVU Juniors that left early. Slaton went middle of the third and Dingle and Reynaud were not chosen at all. Slaton will have Ahman Green, Ron Dayne, and Chris Brown in front of him at Houston to start, but on the plus side the Texans run a zone blocking scheme. Schmidt may walk into the best position as Seattle lost Mack Strong last year as their fullback and with Mike Holmgren utilizing the fullback position were in need of a fullback/H-back. For Mundy Pittsburgh may also have been a good place to land since starting FS Aaron Smith still has problems seeing through the smoke of being constantly burned by New England last year after he talked trash before the Steeler/Pat matchup. Dingle will look to make a name on a team that selected Glenn Dorsey and Brian Johnston in the draft and also have Tank and Turk from last year for anyone that watched the HBO training camp series. Minnesota picked Jaymar Johnson in the 6th round and WR is considered a need for the Vikings. Dykes and Magro have the longest odds to make rosters and the Cardinals drafted three defensive linemen while the Rams did not draft any linebackers.

Some other people are leaving WVU before they'd probably like. After the WVU faculty Senate contemplated a no-confidence vote for Garrison and Lang resignations followed. So far Lang and Dean Sears have resigned. No resignations yet from the President's Office or the BOG (Steve Goodwin). According to the panel report the Chief of Staff Craig Walker, head legal counsel Alex Macia, and the Communications Director Bill Case were all in the meeting that lasted less than an hour and granted Bresch a degree which she was 22 credits short. According to the DA Macia was the individual that brought up the idea that Bresch should be awarded the degree and Lang and Sears signed off on the idea that it was either a "tie" in the evidence or close enough. The evidence was this: all records pointed to Bresch not having the last 22 credits, having attended class, paid for class, etc. while Bresch had a conversation with Speaker that she said took place and Speaker gave her learning credit for her job. Speaker denies this took place and there are no records for either side. So apparently a "tie" consisted of someone just walking in and claiming they should have a degree even if they had no evidence. Did I mention I am now Dr. Tummysticks MS, JD, MD, DDS, PhD, CA (Certified Aromatherist).

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