Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Round of Reubens

The men's basketball team has a must win for the NCAA tournament tonight at 7:00 on ESPN. After the loss to UConn there are two ways to keep from defending the NIT title. The first is to beat Pitt and St. John's and probably win at least one game in the Big East Tourney. The second is a loss to Pitt and then beating St. John's and running to at least the finals in the Big East Tournament. After watching the UConn game and then Kansas State later that day you realize how much Huggins gave up to come back to WVU. UConn could bomb away from the outside because WVU was forced to triple team in the post in order to even slow down the inside game or "attempt" to rebound. Meanwhile Michael Beasley is the best player in the country. And Huggins never recruited him to WVU after he left K-State.

In football news Sports Illustrated has an article about Pat White being the "last man standing" from the Sugar Bowl team. On the new coaching staff:

"There's a wonderful connection from coach to players and it's happening in a very short time frame," he said. "The new coaches that have come in have definitely gelled with the players and vice versa."
In semi-good news the football ticket prices are staying the same. There was some (faint) hope that the prices may go down, but not with demand still being so high and Auburn coming to Morgantown. 7 home games means the price overall is higher, but the price per game has stayed the same. Of course the bad news is that the warning from Matt Wells:
"We did have a per-game increase last year, but when we announced that we said that provision would be in place the next two seasons," said Matt Wells, WVU's director of sports marketing. "We don't like to come back and raise it every year. We'd like the increase to take hold for a couple of years before we make another change."
Which means the prices go up again in 2009.

The baseball team took in Myrtle Beach this weekend and went 3-1 in the Baseball at the Beach Tournament. The weekend started with wins over Western Carolina (my favorite state in the Carolina's) and Marshall before losing to a ranked Coastal Carolina team. WVU quickly rebounded to beat George Mason to finish the round robin.

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Paul said...

did they advance to the next round robin? and do they have a briefcase full of cash in their trunk?