Friday, March 28, 2008

Same as it ever was

A valiant comeback from 18 down and a chance to make it a laugher. And Ruoff dunked, I did not think he could do that. However, this team of a Huggins/Beilein blend lost the game in a way both systems failed. WVU shot 1 for 11 from three (.091), lost the battle on the boards, and had early turnovers. These would all have doomed WVU under Beilein. However, defense kept the Mountaineers in the game. Unfortunately the new menaces under Huggins, foul shots and foul trouble, reared their ugly heads. WVU actually shot better from the line than Xavier (66.7% to 57.1%) but key misses at the end of regulation by Alexander and in overtime by Mazulla doomed the Mountaineers. The other key to the game was the inability of WVU to get Duncan out of the game. He played the final 12+ minutes with 4 fouls and finished with 26 points and 5 rebounds.

Nichols finished his career with 6 points on 1 for 6 shooting, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists in 41 minutes of play while Jamie Smalligan scored 2 points on his only shot of the game in 9 minutes. Talkington played 6 minutes in his final game of his career. Way to prematurely looking forward to next year WVU needs Smith to continue to develop on offense, figure out where Flowers has been the last two weeks, and have Ruoff carry his confidence from the NCAAs into next season (including taking the ball to the basket more often). WVU will need someone that can create their own shot besides Alexander next year. When he fouled out last night the only options where the Butler spin-o-rama or Mazulla. Everyone else either stood waiting for a jumper or hot potatoed the ball back out as soon as they caught it.

In more cheerful news Michigan is still losing players. This time an All-Big 10 Guard (and one of only 3 returning offensive starters) has quit the team due to a loss of family values. Apparently Justin Boren does not like the PacMan Jones school of discipline preached by RR. Rodriguez declined to speak to the matter saying He was "forging ahead with guys that play for Michigan" and then saying "not that pussy who just quit" under his breath while coughing.

Oh and WVU is back to third tier in law school rankings. Others in Tier 3 include Wayne State, Hamline Univesity, Pace University, Chapman University, Suffolk University, and Willamette University so we are in good company.


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