Friday, March 14, 2008

WVU rolls their way into the semis

Much to the dismay of Doug Gottleib the West Virginia Mountaineers have soundly played their way into the tournament. Gottleib had consistently ranted about teams such as Arizona and Arizona State being more deserving of a bid than WVU over the previous week. He now gets to eat a big slice of shut the hell up. Of course many WVU fans took Gottleib's comments as more proof that ESPN hates WVU. More proof in previous comments by Digger the last few years stating that WVU was "on the bubble" when clearly in the tournament and feelings of ESPN siding with RR over WVU the last few months. I am no fan of ESPN, but as a station they don't hate WVU. The don't hate anything. They just love money. And having jerk-offs yell at the tv such as Sean Salisbury (thank god gone), Steven A. Smith, Doug Gottleib, etc. must bring in viewers becuase they do it for every sport. And these guys are all the same in that they form a half baked opinion and then straw man support it to the end. ESPN is only a camera removed from talk radio. So don't get worked up over it. But don't think the team didn't hear it.

"Mr. Doug Gottlieb, you said we don't have a signature win? There it is for you," Ruoff said. "But we're going to keep it going. We're happy winning this one and we're happy we're in the NCAA Tournament, but we're trying to win the Big East Tournament."
That slurping sound you heard last night? That was the sound of Bobby Knight verbally fellating Joe Alexander. Alexander has become one of the most entertaining players in the country in the span of two weeks and the General has taken notice. I've never seen anyone go from good player to dominant in the middle of a season like this before. It's like Huggins turned the switch on by getting him lifting and developing an inside game and once a few shots started falling watch out. Alexander has lead WVU into the semi-finals for a rematch with Georgetown. In the previous two games the Mountaineers have had some help from both Providence and UConn not being able to dunk in uncontested situations. Joe, on the otherhand, will stop and wait for a defender to catch up so that he can dunk on heads. At the 40 second mark below you will see the rare Jamie Smalligan dunk and Joe goes off at the 55 second mark.

In football news Noel Devine finally was caught from behind for the first time in his life, but not on the field. Devine, Jock Sanders, Brantwon Bowser, and Eain Smith were arrested yesterday for the fight a month back. The players plead no contest which should end the matter unless they get in trouble again, but it does get WVU back in the Fulmer Cup race.

Spring practice opens today and will go about every other day up until the Spring game which is slated for April 19th. Also the Mountaineers had their Pro-day this week. Slaton ran a 4.47 40 which is fast, but still slower than the 4.3s he wanted to run. Slaton was actually beat by Reynaud who ran a 4.46 40. Owen Schmitt ran a 4.74 and also had the quote of the day.
He said yesterday he didn't miss the five consecutive hours of psychological testing in a camera-watched Combine room. The one question asking players if they were a dog or a cat? He wrote in lion.

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