Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Makes Me Feel Good

Hey all,

I've been off in Africa hunting wild game for the past few months, and sharpening my ninja skills in my spare time. So, sorry I haven't been posting too much lately. But that's how it goes. Anyway, because it's never a bad time to rejoice in beating Duke here's a vid of Cam Thoroughman giving Gerald Henderson a taste of his own medicine. Via FanHouse.


Anonymous said...

The weirdest part of this video: 15 seconds in, Singler gives Nichols a titty-twister.

Anonymous said...

damn. i think i need my spit bucket.

gimme my bucket.

Gregg said...

Where in Africa?

Johnny said...

The last time I told the truth about the things that keep me from blogging, I took a lot of crap. So this is just a lie. Well, except for the ninja skills. Natch.