Friday, February 16, 2007

On a weekday, what day is this?

Nothing says bigtime football like a game on a Friday. Thursday has actually begun to be accepted as a day that can host a good game, but Friday? Well WVU has the honor of a Friday game this year joining such memorable matchups of years gone by like Toledo-Kansas, Louisville-Middle Tennessee State, and Tulsa-UTEP. This is the second straight year for WVU on a Friday. Somehow I just don't think USC would be asked to do this, but the Big East has to do the bidding of ESPN to keep the TV contract and so the teams keep getting bent over during the week. Pre-season top 10 teams should not have to be "fighting" for T.V. exposure on a Friday. This goes with two Thursday games (MD and Louisville) to once again keep WVU from Saturdays and me from sober at work. Thanks ESPN.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be sober at worky anyway? Jesus. Woot. Thats the best. No. The painting was a gift, and I am taking it with me.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Good point. Our little babies grows up and he's grows up and he's grows up. I guess I'm the asshole.