Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Athlon has a tendency to cause multiple bathroom breaks.The must read summer preview Athlon has WVU ranked #5 in their preseason poll. Some notes from the preview:

Slaton averaged 7.0 ypc last year while White averaged 7.4 ypc.

White would have finished 9th in passing efficiency had he thrown enough to qualify. He needed one more attempt, he would have made it had he not been injured versus Rutgers.

WVU has led the Big East in rushing in each of the last five years.

Get the magazine when it is released next week for more. In other preseason poll news MSN has a story about the Mountaineers being picked 5th in Athlon and 4th in Lindy's, how WVU has embraced the preseason expectations, and how WVU has faired in the past when highly ranked in the preseason (usually not good). The article even has some Beano Cook stories which are always fun to read about, especially now that Beano is 99% gelatin based.

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