Thursday, May 17, 2007


Some things are not do it yourself.The Daily Mail has an article about the facelift the Coliseum will undergo this offseason. The following nugget is included:

Parsons said a new scoreboard (and accompanying sound system) for the Coliseum is on the wish list, but isn't a likely addition until "at least" prior to the 2008-09 season. He conceded that the "entertainment value" of scoreboards and video boards is an area in which WVU isn't as up-to-date at it might be.

A new scoreboard/video board with enhanced sound system tailored to the Coliseum's infrastructure will run in the $2 million range. WVU will turn to private sources and board sponsorships to fund that. MAC chief Babcock said a $750,000 gift is committed for the project.

No more "old woman clapping" graphic or Atari sounds? Get rid of Cotton Eyed Joe Huggy Bear and I'll DD for you any night of the week as long as your liver holds up. WVU is also building a Hall of Traditions to honor the basketball history. Time to celebrate.

Also, on June 5th Athlon is releasing their 2007 season preview. They are currently counting down the top 25 teams by releasing a team a day. Today Ohio State comes in at number 12. Louisville was 13 yesterday. Absent so far with 11 to go are WVU, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Pitt, and Marshall. A couple of these teams won't make it. I'll let you guess which ones.

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