Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dodd takes another shot at Devine

Picture was taken for 'Employee of the Month' plaque at McDonald's.Dennis Dodd has a written a superficial spring recap. Most of his "stories" have been detailed indepth all spring by EDSBS or aolfanhouse. He does take time to rank WVU fourth in the "Spring Poll" and predict an Orange Bowl birth versus VT. Dodd has USC vs. LSU in the National Championship. Dodd also takes an opportunity to rip on Noel Devine stating that he won't qualify (although he has already received a passing ACT score) and that he is controversial. The controversy is better explained in another Dodd piece on Devine earlier. In that piece Dodd describes Devine as a potential future McDonald's employee becasue of this:

Devine reportedly has fathered children with two women. His parents reportedly both died of AIDS before he was 12. A grandmother has been his legal guardian. But he stays at the home of a Fort Myers couple.

He has witnessed the murder of a friend.

Best not to mention his grades. One recruitnik told me this week there is little chance the kid will qualify.

The current piece is just a summary and rehash of that piece without any additional thought or information. Dodd really likes to talk about Devine's two kids. You know who else has two kids? Steve Slaton. No one talks about him being a disaster waiting to happen. The only thing Devine and Slaton having two kids proves is that they have some decent swimmers. The athletic department has already put a warning on all tickets for the upcoming year; watching WVU football may result in pregnancies. Yes they are that potent.

Dodd, and the others like him who have labelled Devine without ever meeting him, will continue to spill ink over him if he messes up or underachieves. It is really sad that they will attack an 18 year old with such glee, but I guess controversy sells.

Oh and you know who else has two kids? My dad and the jury is still out on whether or not he will end up at Mcdonald's too (at least for breakfast since he loves pancakes).


chutta said...

Mmmmmm, Mcbreakfast. Will you Dad hook me up with free Mchashbrowns?

letsplaytummysticks said...

Don't get the biscuits if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

you are just babbling. you don't even have a point.

dance dance revolution.

plz excuse me while i toss that shot into this trash can.

chutta said...

Did someone say "dance"? I love to dance. WOO HOO. Hey, while I'm dancing, watch my car and don't let trisomy21 bang his clubs and fart on it.