Friday, May 4, 2007

Girl Make Out Friday- Yay!

I am debating whether or not this should become a regular Friday column. Thoughts?


Johnny said...

Cool with me, just keep it SFW, as I check you guys out regularly from work, and would hate to have boobies on the screen as my boss came over to my cubicle to discuss cover sheets on my TPS reports. M'kay?

chutta said...

Listen Johnny, this is America. No TPS pushing donkey boss has any right to keep you from looking at boobies on his/her computer and work network (but I'm not a lawyer or anything). Anywho, is your boss really gonna be pleased with a big pic of chicks making out?

More pics please, BSR. And don't bang into my car. I gotta say, as nice as this pic is, there was just something about that first chicks kissing pic you posted months ago that was 'just right'. I would actually support reposting that pic every week. But then again I think I have an extra 21st chromosome.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Does College Humor give BSR money every time he posts one of these or does he not know you can pull photos from other sources?

Brave Sir Robin said...

BSR does not tak loot from is friends at CH- but would love to do so.

The Yanks dropped one to the M's. At least I was right when I picked the Brewers.

At least one post to follow this weekend as BSR plays in the James Way Classic in Rockville, MD.