Monday, May 14, 2007

Now she's James Brown.

Sopranos characters keep dropping left and right as the show winds down and it makes you wonder how you want to go out. I'd like to jump off of a boat into the mouth of a giant shark. Someone who may be looking to get out is Sean O'Hair. He lost $747,000 in two holes on Sunday.

For those bored and looking to waste a little time you can look at some old school WVU football pictures here including some pictures of old Mountaineer Field and the players running out between the legs of an inflatable Mountaineer. I'm not going back though, I'm still on my learner's permit and it's after dark.


Anonymous said...

Those clips were also available on CH- i rather enjoyed them. I like beers and boobs and beers and brats and booze and boobs and beers and bratcos.

Brad said...

good stuff on the archives link, anyone know of any good source for old hoops photos/video from the field house/jerry west/rod thorn days?

letsplaytummysticks said...

try here

and also a lot of great WVU photos here if you search around or use the link on the left to look around.