Monday, May 21, 2007

In the red

With his amazing sidekick 'Dependent Boy'According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the West Virginia University athletic department brought in $49.9 million in athletic department revenue during the 2005-06 seasons. The total athletic revenue was tied with Connecticut for first in the Big East. WVU also ranked first in football attendance for the 05 season (Sugar Bowl team), but surprisingly Pitt ranked second in the Wannstache's first year (they did play ND at home that year). According to the Office of Postsecondary Education WVU had $39.2 million in expenses so the athletic department is turning a profit.

The athletic department is 51st in spending among NCAA schools. However, there is a huge difference between the top 5 and everyone else when it comes to spending. The top five all spent over $70 million in 2006 with Ohio State leading the way at $101.8 million. Virginia is second and must be wondering what it is they actually get for their money. At least in football as they spent $92 million overall and $19.6 million in football for a 5 win season. The top teams are able to compete in the "arms race" of NCAA athletics in both football and basketball to have the best in coaches, facilities, etc. The top 20 in spending reads like a who's who of prominent teams. Ohio State, Texas, Florida, USC, Oklahoma, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia with most of the teams coming from the SEC and Big10. Some other schools of note in spending. Maryland is 36th with $46.2 million, Virginia Tech is 39th with $45.2 million, Pitt is 61st with $33.2 million, Louisville is 41st with $45.1 million and Marshall is 108th with $17.6 million. And they are still overpaying.

By the way, the baseball team lost on Saturday to finish their season one win shy of the Big East Tournament.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Without looking at any numbers- I would wager to say that UVA is also among the top schools when comparing alumni donor generosity. Strong tradition forged out of its founding father and general pretentious nature are good fund raisers I am sure. Why not drop some cash for a mediocre team? They might have more than they could reasonably spend elsewhere.

Or, it might not be tradition or a sense of pride in their alma mater. They could be facing a bent nosed gentleman with a gun who might put thier teeth on the footrail is they don't pay. A tooth in a pant cuff is always a pleasant discovery.

Au naturale baby. Thats the way I like them. Swing low sweet chariots.

Brave Sir Robin said...

*"if" they don't pay

We need to figure out a way to edit these damn things. You cannot expect me to read through them before publishing.

chutta said...

Nice dig at marshall. Well played.