Thursday, May 3, 2007

Somewhere in Michigan Beilein Screams

Times this guy has seen a boob.AOL Fanhouse's Charles Rich is reporting that the NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Committee approved a change to move the 3-point line back a foot to 20'9". This would move the line back further than the international line and within 3 feet of the NBA line. Writers and commentators have been calling for a change for years claiming that the NCAA line is too close.

Ex-WVU coach John Beilein could potentially be one of the coaches most affected by the rule change. Beilein's teams have thrived on threes over the years. This season WVU attempted 989 three pointers while the opponents attempted 631. WVU also made 37.5% of threes attempted. Moving the line back will decrease the percentage of makes which should, over time, decrease the amount of attempts. The moving of the line will make inside play more important again as there will be more room to operate for the big men. All the changes in game play favor Huggins over Beilein. Except that the NCAA has not yet ruled to allow beer on the court. Damn you NCAA. It is delicious and makes people happy. Especially Huggy bear.

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