Thursday, May 10, 2007

Round of Reubens

First a video, thanks to Mel for the link.

Ryan Mundy late of the University of Michigan is officially on campus at WVU with one year of eligibility. Mundy should be able to find some time in one of the three safety positions WVU uses. Mundy has also played some cornerback earlier in his career.

Rich Rodriguez has a busy p.r. week. WVU will be featured this evening on Sportscenter and he took some time for a Q & A with CSTV. Most interesting quote was on whether or not WVU has a set percentage on running vs. passing as I don't believe WVU has had the idea to pass 50% the last few years during gameweek.

SB: You guys have a run-first offensive system right now at West Virginia. When you set out your gameplan for the week, is there an ideal run-pass ratio you're looking for over the course of a game?

RR: No, not at all. You know, the fact that we've ran more than we've passed over the last couple of years, I think, has been due to our personnel and the way some teams have defended us. But this is the same system that I've been running for 15 years, and we used to be 65 percent pass. And so when we go to practice plan and we go to games, we have an equal number of pass and run plays called. We just try to go with what's been effective for us. You know, having some guys like Pat White and Steve Slaton that are great runners has geared our offense more toward the run. But we're going to be willing and able to throw it if we have to.

Do you have some extra cash and want to pretend you play for WVU? For $2,000 you can be part of WVU's fantasy football camp.

Campers will have two nights lodging with training-table meals and free transportation once on site. There will be team meetings, video-tape study, non-contact drills and player competitions.

Each camper will receive an authentic WVU jersey, two pairs of West Virginia practice shorts and t-shirts, and a pair of workout socks. Campers will also receive a Fantasy Camp team photo, a photo with Coach Rodriguez and the Sugar and Gator Bowl trophies, as well as a video tape of their unique experience.

All laundry will be provided.

You had me at laundry provided. Ah, nothing like the smell of Ben Gay in the morning as old dudes in absolutely no shape fall apart on Mountaineer Field. Hopefully the new turf will be easy to clean puke off of. Just remember, if you are tubby they'll make you play line. Also in that article Brandon Myles officially signed with the NY Giants. Another lesser known signing. Jason Colson signed with the WV Gladiators, a semi-pro team based in Morgantown. The Gladiators are sure to spend extra time on fumble recovery drills.

Finally, speaking of old dudes. Ricky Henderson is thinking about a comeback.

I see Roger can come back and play. I can come back and play," the 48-year-old Henderson said. "They say I've done too much. What'd he accomplish? ... The players they put on the field nowadays, they couldn't make it in my day. They'd get sent back to Triple-A.

Laughable for non-Pirates fans. However, the Bucs aren't going to spend $28 million on a pitcher (I hate the Yankees), but they would spend $28 K on Ricky possibly. And they need the help.

The Pirates have failed to score more than three runs in 17 of their 32 games. And they have scored in only 10 of their past 74 innings.

Ricky couldn't be any worse. If not Ricky maybe the Pirates can find someone at Mountaineer fantasy camp.

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