Thursday, May 10, 2007

WVU all-access on Sportscenter

No Stu Scott or Berman in the clip so we got that going for us.WVU football was featured on ESPN's all-access on campus Thursday on Sportcenter as part of their 5 teams in 5 days coverage. The coverage seemed to be focused on Rich Rodriguez and his ability to get excited yell during practice. After the packaged clip Mark May was wheeled in brought in to discuss the upcoming season and unfortunately no one threw pennies at him. May's razor sharp analysis included stating that the Mountaineers should be good this year, attempt to get to a BCS bowl and that we have two pretty good players in Slaton and White. ESPN is never afraid to state the obvious, but at least the clip didn't include Salisbury or a picture of his junk. You can view the clip here. If it doesn't start right away click on the launch player button. I'd embed the video, but ESPN would rather make you go to their crappy site and be bombarded by pop-ups and crazy guys they call analysts yelling non-sensically in videos that immediately start playing. Sorry.


CouchBurnin'Girl said...

God, I hate Mark May. With a passion... arrogant Pitt fuck. If he ever had an original thought I would understand why he has a job, but I've yet to see it.

And please tell me that those solid yellow uniforms are just for practice. If we hit the field looking like Oregon this year, I'm going to be seriously depressed.

Brad said...

The yellow uniforms are a possibility, they were shown on a while back. In my opinion, one definite trend has been as the program improved under rich, the uniforms have gotten much uglier. I would even take the old '70s era monstrosities with the ridiculous state-in-the-football helmet logo than those yellow things.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Maybe I am crazy... intoxicated... or a die-hard- but those helmets were (and still are) cool as shit.

I do like the fact that we now have a couchburnin' girl. Look me up girl- drinks on BSR as long as you are in motown.

Yellow jerseys will be fine by BSR as long as we win. white shoes and white sneaks and stale dale you bunch of skackers.

Brave Sir Robin said...