Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bobby Bowden in the Hall of Fame

Bobby Bowden stopped gumming a banana long enough to get inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame last weekend in a section in the wide right area of the hall. Bowden related his experiences in the game of football throughout almost 5 decades in a ceremony he made sure was over in time to watch 60 Minutes.

Bowden said the biggest difference with players today - aside from the ear rings and the way they wear their underwear - is they're bigger. When he became head coach at Samford in 1959, he said, a 200-pound lineman was considered big. Now 300-pound linemen are average.

There is one area where today's players fall short though, Bowden said.

"I don't think they are as tough as they were back in those days," he said.

First off I didn't watch a lot of college football back in the 50's, but I would argue that Slaton playing an entire year with a broken wrist and White's performance in the Gator Bowl dispell any myths of the toughness of today's player.

But, more importantly why are Florida State football players wearing their jockstraps backwards? That would seem to be uncomfortable and hopefully is getting changed if the Seminoles hope to get back to an elite program.

Bowden also related some of the things that he feels have improved and worsened over the years. He feels that the interwebs are evil along with the "moving picture boxes" that steal your soul. Also on the negatives are the anti-nepotism movement which kept him from having an all-Bowden coaching staff. Poor Jeffy had really worked on the two runs and a jump ball offense and now has to spend his afternoons fingerpainting while wearing his special helmet. Bowden is also skeptical of those fancy "flying machines" and conferences which keep you from scheduling the likes of The University of Mexico, Gordon Junior College, Millington Naval Air Station, and the Tennessee Tech Freshman Team (actual opponents of Bowden coached teams in the 50's and 60's).

However, some things have gotten better for Bowden with age. Bowden spoke of how he used to work long hours creating plays and formations which now is spent napping. Also, safari hats and sunglasses have come a long way in 50 years which makes Bobby happy. In recent years Bowden has also acquired a taste for appeysauce and now makes sure a cup of it is in his pockets at all times. Finally, old age has helped with avoiding scandals. When a star linebacker is accused of sexual assault he used to have to make a ton of excuses for him to play again. Now he can just talk about how Matlock wouldn't suspend the player and then talk about religion. No one questions an old dude.

Bowden's family was with him at the ceremony. No report on if Lauren wore a top.

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