Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Position previews

We've been asked a few times to do a preview of the upcoming season. Robin is busy with worky and baseball season. OS can't remember names, and I have become functionally retarted with the issuance of NCAA 2008. On a side note, as a Pirates fan for as long as I can remember the day NCAA drops is when baseball officially ends for me. Besides we are working on something good for the upcoming season to give you a preview of the teams WVU will be playing. You don't need us to tell you about Pat White and Steve Slaton or that we expect WVU to win every game. ESPN can do it for you. They put together a blowout preview on the Mountaineers and while most of their Blue Ribbon previews are pay to read, this one is free. Besides this is the only content from ESPN that isn't trying to force Who's Now down your throat. I hope Joey Chestnut wins. Thanks to the tips from a pantless co-worker and a cousin in the 'Ville.

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More info on Devine please.