Friday, July 13, 2007

Killing time

J.R. Cash sang about the inherent sadness of waking up Sunday morning with a hangover while everyone else is living their lives. I feel Friday afternoons are the worst because I'm just killing time until the weekend comes and I can create a hangover. The following are some links Robin told me about to Will Ferrell from to help get you through the afternoon. Sorry they couldn't be embedded so you'll have to cut and paste into a new window.

The funniest of the bunch:

You can find the rest of the clips here:,28208,,00.html?squery=will+ferrell&author=&tournament=&archive=video

More time killing with video. The White Stripes have been touring and putting on "secret shows" on street corners, in a bowling alley as shown in the following on a school bus. Meg gets to play moraccos.

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