Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good week for Pitt

After last week Pitt needed some good news. The Panthers received some to start the week as Joe Clermond had his marijuana possession charge withdrawn yesterday.

In addition Pitt received a commitment from Maryland WR Ronald Hobby over the weekend. Hobby has already shown that he is not shy about his abilities.

"I'm electrifying," the cornerback/receiver/return specialist said. "I think that's the best way to say it."

ESPN has their College Football Live talking heads enter the debate on whether or not Slaton or White can win the Heisman. Lack of hype was not among the reasons for Slaton not to win.

The Dailymail has a Q and A with new WVU president Mike Garrison with one answer of interest:

Q: Are you caught up in the excitement propelled by preseason publications that WVU is a contender for the national football championship this year? Is this exposure beneficial to the institution in other areas?

A: I'm a fan at heart. I happen to have the job as president, which makes me uniquely situated. But I'm still a fan. It's a special time of year right now to get ready.

I'm caught up in the excitement. I'm very proud of what Rich (Rodriguez) has done for the team. He's a Marion County guy, like me, and I've known him. That makes me doubly proud.

The exposure that we get is only good for our university. Students and their parents choose WVU because of academics. But having a great athletic program is very important.

I just returned from Harvard, where they had a four-day seminar for 46 new presidents from all over the country. The first thing most of them said to me was, "I hear your team is in the Top 5 preseason."

What it allows us to do is have an open door to talk about biometrics program or health sciences or other academics.

He's right you know. I don't know how many times I've had a conversation with someone at a bar and we start talking about WVU football and end up having a heated all night debate on biometrics or other academics. What can I say, I'm a scholar.


chutta said...

I gotta say I am super excited about the season. I have season tickets and am really looking forward to our offensive firepower with White, Slaton, et al. It makes me wonder though, what is the best way to secure identification through today's technologies. I mean, do you think physiological biometrics are the necessary endpoint or will behavioral biometrics be able to achieve an adequate level of security using handwriting and keystrokes? I guess voice recognition technology could help bridge the gap without being overly intrusive like DNA collection! Go Mountaineers! I am a wanker!

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