Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Street & Smith Preview

See no, hear no, speak no speculative preseason predictions.
I have before me the recently released Street & Smith 67th Year College 2007 Football Official Yearbook. Well, I think that's the title, at least. Featured on the cover thereof, our very own Steve Slaton and Patrick White, sans face masks, which looks rather odd. But hey, it is a "Collector Edition".

Perusing said 'zine, I'm pleased to discover that Steve Slaton was included in S&S's first team pre-season all american list and Patrick White has been included on the second team all-americans.

Finally, the top 25, abbreviated here to Top 10 for brevity sake, reads USC, West F'n Virginia, Wisconsin, LSU, Michigan, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, the Chokies and Louisville. Top 25 analysis with respect to WVU reads so:

With a quarterback like Patrick White and a running back like Steve Slaton, along with another favorable schedule (Ed: 21st toughest = favorable?), the Mountaineers look like a prime candidate to make a national-championship run.

With respect to Louisville at #10, we get:
Enter Steve Fraglerock Kragthrope from Tulsa, who inherits both a Heisman-candidate quarterback and a national-championship contender. Well,nation-championship-contending offense, anyway. The defense needs work.

Rutgers falls in at #19.

S&S has a very nice section on cheerleaders. Despite my well-trained eye (I wear a pirate's patch over the other), I was unable to spot any resemblance to desert footprint makers. (Although the hottie from ND sure is trying.)

The Big East break down goes WVU, LU, RU, USF, Cinci, Porn-stache, 'Cuse and, lastly, UConn.

Seein's how we have an intellectual property lawyer on staff, I won't plagerize too much more. Go buy it for yourself and read if you're big into completely baseless speculation.

On a side note, in my feeble attempt to find some WVU cheerleader T&A photo to add to this rather dry post, I was saddened to discover that even the all-powerful google was unable to find any decent photos. It may be my mission, a mission given by God himself, to photojournalistically (I can coin words, I'm on a mission from God), um, journal the WVU squad this year. Or at least the female members thereof. When we get press passes. Sorry God. So the girls above are from collegehumor.com and allegedly WVU girls. I think they'll do just fine for now.


letsplaytummysticks said...

You hear that. Don't let him anywhere near the cheerleaders. He wants to "journal" the cheerleaders.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Would he be "journaling" only the lady cheerleaders? Would he "journal" the male cheeleaders too? Would "journaling" a dude be a sign of a mancrush?

I like pictures of the ladies from collegehumor.com. They are fun.