Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vlad the Impaler

While we gear up for the festivities tonight in San Francisco for the MLB All-Star game, I find last nights home run derby an excellent opportunity to post this picture I have been sitting on. While I wish I could say I took it at my house, it is from a yahoo search.

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Los Angeles Angels slugger Vladimir Guerrero, playing in his first Major League Baseball home run derby since 2000, beat Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Alex Rios 3-2 in the finals on Monday.

While I am presently on the road and buried in worky, I do hope to find time soon after the action tonight to post an update on the MLB season as it was predicted by yours truly prior to the seasons start. I don't count the Yanks out totally, but do concede they are in the wild card chase already. I feel good about picking the Brew Crew to do well. Look for more baseball and cheap booze in the not to distant future.

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