Sunday, July 29, 2007

Position Reports: Long Snapper

And now for the second installment of position reports for the upcoming year.

From the Exponent Telegram, Adam Hughes, a former walk-on, will be this year's starting long snapper.

For those who don't [know], [Adam] Hughes is the heir apparent to Tim Lindsey as WVU's long snapper.

"I was fortunate to see two great snappers here in Tim and Scott Fleming before him," Hughes said, "I hope I can fill their shoes adequately."
Former long snapper, Tim Lindsey, is still trying out with the Atlanta Falcons. Recent reports suggest he has been given a few reps at QB, along with every other male resident of the state of Georgia.

When asked about recent developments with the QB position in Atlanta, rookie head coach Bobby Petrino softly spoke while looking away wearily, "What's so great about Louisville and playing your senior season? You could've been the starter!" But I digress... back to long snapper in Morgantown:

Prediction: Snaps on 2,342 1 point Good-One-Patrick's, zero punts, zero 3-point Good-One-Patrick's. wha?... oh we scored again. Ok, hang on.... yawn.

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