Monday, July 30, 2007

Round of Reubens

Former WVU quarterback Rasheed Marshall is looking to become the next slash for the Steelers. Hopefully Marshall can get some playing time and become a difference maker. He was always controversial while at WVU as his ascension to starter caused Scott McBrein to transfer to Maryland and throw for roughly 25,000 yards against WVU in 3 years.

While Randle El's statistics at Indiana are among the best for a quarterback in Big Ten history, Marshall's career at West Virginia was similar. A captain and team MVP, Marshall led the Mountaineers to a 24-12 record and was a Big East offensive player of the year. He ranks among the school and Big East career leaders in QB rushing (2,040 yards), touchdowns produced (68), career yards (7,598), TD passes (45) and yards passing (5,558).

Even in his senior season, while becoming the Big East offensive player of the year, the crowd was always one bad pass away from demanding Charles Hales at quarterback. Hales brother Trippe now plays for WVU so Charles is probably still around Morgantown from time to time giving drunken assholes a ride to the bar.

Mickey Furfari is continuing give readers an inside look at some of the players that are expecting break out seasons. His latest is new Bastard man-crush JT Thomas. JT is the son of former WVU linebacker James Thomas and will be a starter at some point this season. So far the man-crush has proven to be a good sign as the last two were Pat White and Quinton Andrews.

And in news that is too bizarre to not be true it appears as though Pacman Jones will sign in some capacity with TNA wrestling this week. Michael Vick may also be interested. He just found out that there is wrestling that doesn't involve dogs.

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