Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Underwear goes inside the pants

As the week has progressed I've had a chance to watch the drama unfold over at loserswithsocks and can now say I actually feel sorry for them. A quick recap for those that have not been able to follow. LWS had apparently been reading some WVU message boards and took an opportunity to respond to some of the threads with a retort on their site. Their premise was that the Big East was not quite as good as the WVU message boards believed. Unfortunately, instead of any rational debate it appears as though a brother of Jesco White was the voice of counterargument for the Mountaineers. The rants from their new friend have progressed from juvenille to downright batshit crazy in a matter of days. As I stated in the commments earlier you've got to be careful taking in strays as they will end up shitting in your house. And apparently they won't leave, even after rubbing their ass on the carpet.

Additionally, the SEC covering blog must be reeling from the proclimation from Mark May that USC would "stumpbreak" (I believe that is the phrase dreamed up by the mind of the truly deranged) the entire SEC if they were to play in that conference. We Bastards have continually had to suffer through the dementia that is Mark May so we can empathize with the true disgust that must be pumping through SEC veins right now.

Since LWS has had to put up with so much pain, even if somewhat self inflicted much like handing a loaded gun to a crackhead, it appears as though it is time to move forward. Does the Big East as a conference or WVU in general suck? Agree to disagree. However, the love of college football should be able to overcome any differnces. For instance, OS once was on the verge introducing Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary to a guy a few years ago during a WVU/VT game until WVU sealed a victory with seconds remaining. I turned to see them fully embraced in a man hug. Therefore, a link for LWS has been added to the blog in order to create a rational dialoge between these two factions. Who knows maybe after Angry has found a new group to share his tales of NCAA 2008 greatness we can even start leaving messages over there.


Jai Eugene said...

Your boy has been busy. Check the comments. The drama has been fun, BTW

Jai Eugene said...

Oh, I decided to hold his "heismanEer" post to make sure there were no "coded" messages in it

Brave Sir Robin said...

You have to admire a debate tactic such as the one employed by AngryEer. "Lick my balls (opponent name), lick em early and often."

Respect is deserving of such an accomplished orator.

"Thats how you do it. Thats the way ya debate."

letsplaytummysticks said...

I believe that was the original ending to the court room scene in "To Kill a Mockingbird." Atticu Finch just looks over at Bob Ewell and says, "Tongue my balls Ewell, tongue them early and often."

And in that version Tom Robinson is found innocent and Boo Radley proceeds on a ten state killing spree eventually getting gunned down in a Dairy Queen parking lot while suffering from brain freeze from eating a blizzard too quick.

Don't know why Harper Lee changed it.

Brave Sir Robin said...

The only reason, as I recall, that he ended up in a DQ parking lot was his mistaken Mapquest directions as he was trying to find a golf course in rural West Virginia. Frustrated after unsuccessul attempts at finding a local, he had no choice but to open up a can. That on top of people making fun of his white shoes. Also, he may well have been yelling "Hoo-ah" in some attempt at impersonating Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade a la Big Al.

letsplaytummysticks said...

That is correct. And had he not been busy punching a wall and telling "those people" they had an UPHILL BATTLE he would have escaped.

letsplaytummysticks said...

jai, I'd check the post for references to Salinger's novel "Catcher in the Rye." If it's in there call the authorities immediately.