Friday, July 6, 2007

Pacman is confident he'll play again

And that makes one person in the world that has such confidence. A Tennessee court has set a date of January 3rd to revisit a plea bargain for an incident at a nightclub in a suburb of Nashville. During this incident Pacman allegedly got into an argument with a woman and refused to leave the club and when police arrived shouted obscenities at them. The District Attorney has asked to court to reinstate the misdemeanor charges and revoke a plea bargain after Jones was charged for felony coercion in Las Vegas. Jones is set to appear in court on July 23 for a preliminary hearing on the Las Vegas charges. Jones' attorney claims Jones is cooperating with Atlanta police in connection with the shooting outside the strip club there last month. In non-club news, Jones also faces felony charges of obstruction from a run away with an officer on patrol in Fayetteville, Georgia. This means that at the earliest, not even counting the charge in Fayetteville, Jones would be done with the legal process in January. Even if Jones is acquitted of all charges that would put the upcoming season behind us and it is unlikely that NFL commissioner Roger Goodall would reinstate Jones before all charges have been taken care of. So before Jones could ever play again he has three open cases to clear up. He also has forth he is a witness, in the least, to deal with. In the meantime Jones has to try to stay out of jail trouble while all of this is worked out if he ever wants to be reinstated. Therefore Jones must go at least 6 months without getting arrested to ever play again in the NFL and win at least 3 court cases or plea them out to an NFL acceptable end. He may need some will power or some blind luck. He should call this guy:

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