Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We Suck Lately

I need to apologize to our handful of religious readers.  I've been swamped and/or braindead for the last 2 months with my 9-5 duties and with my 5-9 trying-real-hard-to-be-a-semi-not-retarded-boyfriend duties.  BSR, from the telegrams we've received from the front, is swamped in his 9-7 plus 4 hours of daily driving duties.  And Tummysticks is probably as swamped with his job/wife as I.  It also doesn't help that NCAA '08 just came out.

Fortunately, football season is almost upon us.  And its time for us to step back up to the plate and get you guys some info.  We will get back in touch with our contacts from the Athletics Department on google and get you the cutting edge info you need.

Additionally, loserswithsocks is, recently, a little less non-mountaineer, so it may be worth your time to checkout occasionally.  Note from tummysticks: loserswithsocks is not worth the time as they are attempting to bait WVU fans into a flamewar to get their name out. Also, Johnny is posting again over at the mountaineer.

So stay tuned folks.  We're almost to the end of the summer sahara.

The previously mentioned position reviews?  You've got it.  I swear we'll post one before I leave the office today.


Jai Eugene said...


I think that your comments might be a bit over the top. I have let one of yours post on my site. In fact he is pissing off my regular readers...so can you cut me some slack please? I am just attempting to provide some fair BE coverage....Gracias

Johnny said...

Hey guys,

Uh, yeah, don't feel bad about not posting much lately. Like I've said several times this summer, my posting has been limited to Youtube moments and a general disdain for all months not between August and January.

letsplaytummysticks said...

If slamming the Big East at every opportunity to get the message boards talking about you is fair than you are correct. BTW here is the "arrest record" of Devine. Don't let facts get in the way of a good argument.


letsplaytummysticks said...


Option Spread said...

Yeah, upon further review, the alleged WVU fan at loserswithsocks is, perhaps, a bit of a charicature.

My bad guys. My bad.

Jai Eugene said...

Well, you guys should take it up with Angry. He is posting a pro WVU Heisman post tomorrow.

Sorry you fellas feel that way...

letsplaytummysticks said...

Grabbing a guy off of a message board and having him post so you and your friends can laugh behind his back is not going to make you friends here. If you want to discuss issues logically you are more than welcome here if not keep your current company.

Jai Eugene said...

Actually, he approached us. He seems to be doing pretty good. Deadspin linked him yesterday.

I admit that he is bit edgy or fanatical but he holds his own pretty well.

I like his writing style, kind of raw, I imagine that he sounds the words out as he types.

We have a lot of bloggers coming on board for the upcoming season. Should have an ACC preview on Thursday from a Hokie Chick that writes for KSK.. should be a hoot

letsplaytummysticks said...

That he probably does, while typing with one finger at a time. Just be careful calling him one of "ours" as we can use words with multiple syllables over here. Be careful bringing stray dogs into the house. They tend to shit on the floor.

Option Spread said...

Speaking of, how's Fredo been treating you lately, tummysticks?

Option Spread said...

Oh, and to clarify: I honestly cannot judge whether jai eugene is culpable in this. I think its more likely he began the process in good faith, but AngryEER turned out either a tad crazy or an intentional charicature by an unknown third party. But that's OK too, because everyone (except WVU) is getting a good giggle from his postings.

Its probably a Marshall fan.