Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Round of Reubens

Look around the edges for scantily dressed women.Sadly everything that begins must end except a circle and a Disney copyright but those are separate issues. Anyhow, the vacation is over and no I'm not posting any more pictures. This is the internet. Fill up the spank bank elsewhere you sickos. One final note of interest before the WVU news. I was watching t.v. late the last night in Florida and because it was the only time my blood alcohol level was low enough for me to remember anything from the trip I remembered seeing a funny commercial. The commercial was a lady and her sisters talking about a holistic approach to hair removal and how it changed their lives. I'm not familiar with all the hair removal products as I'm not down with the manscaping and just let the spatchy back hair go. The product: Nads. Because it's easier to let them make the joke I will just link to their complete line of "Nad's for Women" products.

It seems as though the hiring of Bob Huggins may be just what the doctor ordered for WVU basketball recruiting. One of the rumored reasons Beilein wanted out so bad was because he claimed he couldn't recruit here and it boiled over after it became apparent that neither Mayo or Patterson wanted to play for him at WVU. Huggins is working quick to keep the kids that can play in West Virginia. He has received a pledge from Sophomore to be Noah Cottrill who is ranked by someone that does such things as a top five player in the class of 2010. Cottrill had also been offered by Florida. Cottrill is the youngest player to ever commit to WVU and the first instater since Kevin Pittsnogle. Unfortunately, I'm sure the recruiting game will continue to veer younger in the coming years, but none will have as many tats as KP.

Speaking of the Beileins it seems as though Patrick is following Daddy to Michigan. Mickey Furfari of many papers including the Register-Herald reports that Patrick is joining the staff and entering UM grad school. Interesting note in the article on Mike Gansey as he was in Ann Arbor as well last week with Patrick. May be a future coaching career for Gansey as well.

Furfari writes about the football teams as well. He reports that Greg Isdaner is on the mend from shoulder surgery and is at about 95%.

“It was difficult sitting out spring practice and not being able to help the team grow,” he recalled. “But one thing I will say is I worked hard in the weight room. And I’m coming back stronger than I’ve ever been.”

USA Today has a college football preview on sale through July 30th. The coverboy is Steve Slaton and there is a two page article on Steve inside. WVU is also featured throughout as well. This one might be easier to find than most other previews and will only run you $5.

Finally, everyone have a happy 4th. I'm going to attempt to stay in detox for a few more days. While I've never been to found of the left-handed cigarettes maybe I should look into it. After all according to this site marijuana is the biggest crop in West Virginia.

Marijuana growers in the Mountain State collect an estimated $494 million per year, according to Jon Gettman, former director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). . .State Department of Agriculture statistics show the value of hay produced last year was $68 million and corn was $10.7 million.

Haystacks bitches.

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