Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Round of Reubens

A Wheeling couple took the opportunity to marry on 7.7.07 in a WVU themed wedding.

The couple had their first date at TJ's Sports Garden in Wheeling and it was love at first slaw. I'm sure they shared a gallon bucket, but some of that is water. They shared many a converstation over whether or not the baseball cards on the tables were real or if they were just really good printed copies of the originals. The wedding did have the advantage of informal dress as guests dressed in their favorite WVU t-shirt.

“I thought it was cool,” said relative Leslie Haglock after the ceremony. “Everybody is casual and comfortable. They can dance without ripping anything or spilling spaghetti on their shirt.”

First of all eroneous on both accounts. Wearing a t-shirt does not make it less likely that you will rip it or spill spaghetti. And secondly I would worry about spilling spaghetti on or ripping some of my favorite t-shirts (Who Farted? or I'm with Stupid as examples) than I would a dress shirt.

Not to be outdone a Marshall couple tried the same thing while talking up the wedding for months beforehand saying how it would be better than the WVU wedding and they even invited Mathew McConaughey. He smoked his invitation. And only 14 people showed up. Like any Cabel Community College fan, the couple are going to lay low for a while and then start talking smack again in about 8 months just like it never happened. A couple of Terps fans also got married in a theme wedding on the same day. Ralph Freidgen showed up and ate everything including the decorations and the presents. He then went home to protect his house.

Mike Leech eat your heart out. Texas Tech isn't the only school that has an interest in Pirates. Alright that is really the only way to make this sports related other than to state that I like the Pittsburgh Pirates. BTW isn't it sad when you look at the all-star team and Freddy Sanchez and Brian Roberts are the Pirates and Orioles representatives respectively. Freddy is batting 50 points lower than last year while Brian Roberts is bouncing back at the plate but not in the field (as shown last night). It's like each league had to pick a little leaguer to play for an inning.

Anyway, WVU professor Peter Leeson has published an article about the Law and Economics of Pirate Organization. It's pretty long, but actually an interesting read. Maybe on the dumper. His theory is that Pirates actually were highly organized and had at least an informal system of checks and balances and a constitution long before either England or the United States (I haven't read far enough to see if it was before the Magna Carta yet, but I will soon as I had tacos for dinner last night).

Shelly Poe, the WVU SID, is leaving to take a job at Ohio State. I'm not going to lie, I don't care. But something I do care about involving the Buckeyes is the potential for all-state-national-world recruit Josh Jenkins to head to OSU. Jenkins is a lineman out of Parkerburg and committed to WVU in February. However, according to this Rivals article he may not be a solid as it first seemed. Hopefully he can resist the temptations of the sweatervest which includes bags of unmarked bills that can't be traced back to it.

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wolf said...

I bet no one left this wedding bleeding from the head!! Fuck them