Friday, February 8, 2008

Chuck Finder Will Change a Quote

Chuck Finder is a writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and has been better known of late as a mouthpiece for Rich Rodriguez through Mike Brown. Finder has previously written that Rodriguez was the target of a smear campaign by WVU, that Rodriguez left after WVU failed to fulfill promises, that Magee wasn't seriously considered for a head coaching position because he was black, and has been a primary source of the airing of grievances by Ken Kendrick since RR moved to Michigan. Since RR left Finder has written one positive article on WVU and it had to do with WVU receiving record high donations. On the other hand since WVU would have to prove damages in the breach of contract suit this probably helped RR image-wise more than WVU. On Friday Chuck decided to verbally felate Rodriguez and his new job in Michigan in his latest article. First Finder goes through the obligatory quotes of Michigan administrators stating that Rodriguez is a victim in all of this and wishing it would all go away.

"Most of us wish it would go away for Rich's sake," said Brandstetter, a member of that '69 team who the past three decades has worked as the Michigan coach's show host and radio color commentator. "This is an issue he has to deal with. The University of Michigan hired what they felt was the perfect candidate for this job. Rich decided to take the opportunity. The situation with West Virginia is one where we don't have anything to do with it."

"Certainly the sooner that is settled and goes away, we can continue to move forward without any more distractions," Bates said of Rodriguez's West Virginia case. "But the control is at the other end."

"The reaction here, from what I can gather is," began professor Rich Friedman of the esteemed Michigan law school, where his areas include civil actions and dispute resolutions, "people in West Virginia ought to get over it. I mean, Rodriguez took a job he felt was better for him. He's not the first coach to do it; he won't be the last. The idea of recriminations against him is a little bit ridiculous and unbecoming of people of a great state, such as West Virginia."
Then Finder decides to go to the well of West Virginia is the crazy ex in all of this and attempts to back it up with the use of Mitch Albom.

Colleague Mitch Albom, of "Tuesdays with Morrie" fame, wrote Jan. 20 "their Rich Rodriguez mess could one day be ours" and described West Virginia fans and media as "sore-loser crazies."
Unfortunately for Finder that is the exact opposite of Albom's article which is here.

If Maize-and-Blue loyalists want to lust after a national championship and want the hot coach of the moment to lead them, that's fine. But don't be hypocritical. Don't dismiss West Virginia fans and media as sore-loser crazies.
Oops. That would be the exact opposite Chuckie. That would be the same as taking the quote "Don't call Chuck Finder a douchebag" and changing it to "call Chuck Finder a douchebag." That might have been a bad example.


wolf said...

What the hell is wrong with these people, do they look back and see a coach left his team before a BSC bowl game? Who the fuck does that? Makes you wonder why a team would throw 40 bubble screens a game and then shit on the team for execution ..If there is a God I pray we meet them in a Bowl game next year ( if they are good enough) .... Oh yeah Go fuck yourself Option Spread..

roncoleman said...

Did you report this to the Post-Gazette ombudsman?

chutta said...

Chuck Finder is a douchebag