Thursday, February 14, 2008

How good is your conference? Big 10

Big 10 record versus non-conference bowl teams
7-9 (.438).

Illinois (1-2) Win versus Ball State; Losses versus Missouri and USC

Indiana (1-1) Win versus Ball State; Loss versus Oklahoma State

Iowa (0-0)

Michigan (1-1) Win versus Florida; Loss versus Oregon

Michigan State (1-1) Win versus Bowling Green; Loss versus Boston College

Minnesota (0-2) Losses versus Bowling Green and Florida Atlantic

Northwestern (0-0)

Ohio State (0-1) Loss versus LSU

Penn State (1-0) Win versus Texas A&M

Purdue (2-0) Wins versus Central Michigan (twice)

Wisconsin (0-1) Loss versus Tennessee

The Big10 had a slightly better overall winning percentage versus non-conference bowl teams than the ACC, but at a much lower scale. The ACC played 28 non-conference bowl teams while the Big10 managed only 16. During the regualar season the Big10 played only 9 bowl teams. If you eliminate MAC teams the Big10 managed to play 10 bowl teams. Both Iowa and Northwestern managed to avoid all non-conference bowl teams. Penn State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin only played them in bowl games.

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