Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Belated Valentines Day

This is a great picture. Enjoy it Chutta.

I hope everyone was able to witness the Mounatineer mens basketball program get back on track yesterday. Smalligan dominant- Alexander and Ruoff finding the touch- and need I say more than Ted Fucking Talkington. Yeah bitches.

We need a strong run going into the tourney. Blasting off on Pitt in a couple weeks would be great, but there are other games to win first, like Nova in a couple days.

The baseball season gets underway on the 22nd, against Akron, in Winston-Salem. See you there? No? I won't be there either. Look at the picture again.

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chutta said...

You are a good man, BSR. Me likey your pictures. Me especially like girl in front and girl licking other girl's arm.