Thursday, February 14, 2008

How good is your conference? Pac-10

The Pac-10 conference record versus non-conference bowl teams
13-8 (.619)

Arizona (1-1) Beat New Mexico; Lost to BYU

ASU (1-1) Beat Colorado; Lost to Texas

Cal (2-0) Beat Tennessee; Air Force

Oregon (4-0) Beat USF, Fresno State, Michigan, and Houston

Oregon State (2-1) Beat Utah and Maryland; Lost to Cincy

Stanford (0-1) Lost to TCU

UCLA (1-2) Beat BYU; Lost to BYU and Utah

USC (1-0) Beat Illinois

Washington (1-1) Beat Boise State; Lost to Ohio State

Washington State (0-1) Lost to Wisconsin

There are reasons the Pac-10 is loved by the computers every year. First the Pac-10 plays at least one more conference game than every other BCS conference. Secondly, despite having only three non-conference games per year the Pac-10 schools seem to each schedule one heavy two decent games to strengthen the overall conference schedule. Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Boise State were all regular season games. Finally, the Pac-10 seems to win a fair number of these games judging by the win percentage. Also with only four non-conference games and each being against a bowl team and a win in each Oregon is the new leader at (4-0) with no out of conference cupcakes.

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