Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Round of Reubens

Check out some Will Ferrell Old Spice commericals here. I'm going with Herniated Colon as my favorite.

Pat McAffee. He's gonna be a little soccer player. Thanks to Wolf who was the first to send me this link. Of course I now believe that Wolf spends half his day tracking every move Pat makes. Not sure if it's love or hate, but there is a guy at the White Star that thinks you're a beautiful man Wolf. Bill Stewart is quoted as being very supportive.

I encourage all the kids to enjoy their college experience and if they want to play more than one sport than I’m all for it,” WVU Football Coach Bill Stewart added. “I’m their biggest fan. As long as Pat keeps his priorities straight, academics first and he continues to be a contributing member in the community, then I sincerely wish him the best.
He later added that if Pat so much as jaywalked he would beat him with in an inch of his life, or maybe just call in Wolf from the bushes.

Dave Hickman has the latest on the last two WVU recruits here.

West Virginia has reportedly received, albeit a few days late, the letter of intent it expected last Wednesday from Terence Kerns. The school is apparently waiting for one more straggler before wrapping up the football recruiting class.

Well, OK, straggler probably isn't the right word to describe 6-foot-4, 325-pound Benji Kemoeatu, but the Hawaiian offensive lineman's letter still isn't in hand. There's nothing to indicate Kemoeatu isn't coming, though. His parents just haven't been around to sign the letter, as required by NCAA rules.

Those will be two pretty big additions to the class. Kerns is a 225-pound tailback who played at Thomas Johnson High School in Maryland, committed to WVU last year and then went to Hargrave Military Academy when he didn't qualify academically. He still hasn't qualified, but can do so with a solid semester, a better test score or a combination of both.

Kemoeatu, who had committed to Utah and was being heavily recruited by Oregon State, has two brothers in the NFL. Chris is a backup offensive lineman with the Steelers and Ma'ake is a starting defensive tackle with the Panthers. Both played at Utah. Kemoeatu, by the way, hasn't qualified either, but no one seems to think he won't.
Scout has Kemoeatu as a three star center while Rivals has him as a four star guard. Kerns is a four star for Scout and Rivals. So both are worth the wait.

Finally, Mike Casazza broaches the giant elephant in the room of WVU basketball this year and it isn't foul shots. Everyone knows and has talked about those. The real question is what is going on with Joe Alexander Ruoff. These two jumped out quicker than anyone could have imagined this year and have regressed just as fast. Joe has become a one man wrecking crew, in the bad way, at the beginning of halves as he tries in desperation to get his offense going instead of playing patiently. Ruoff has flat out disappeared for entire stretches of the game. He isn't getting shots and further he isn't even touching the ball on offense. Casazza has his take:

He spoke of his tolerance and his team's attention to detail, of guys who'll listen and guys who'll make shots either from the floor or at the foul line -- and this was after he called a timeout to bench Joe Alexander and decided Alex Ruoff would play minimal minutes because he couldn't get open.

The team's top two scorers replaced by two reserves, though Mazzulla and Thoroughman are of increasing value because they have Huggins' trust, which might matter most now.

"We've got to suck it up and go play," Huggins said. "The reality is sometimes we depend on people we can't depend on. We have to figure that out."
Ouch. If it gets worse we may have to send in Wolf, but I'm not sure that either of them are his type.


J.D. said...

The Alexander and Ruoff thing is pretty incredible. A couple weeks ago we were talking about if these guys could be role players in the NBA and now I'm wondering if they will even start next year (or the rest of this year for that matter.) They better figure it out, quickly.

Anonymous said...

you sendin' the wolf? sheeit. that's all you had to say!