Thursday, February 7, 2008

My dangle moved

BSR hasn't been around to post any girls making out lately due to work. I started looking at videos, but noticed that the MILF hunter was using a sliding scale on what he considered a MILF and gave up. Then SI stepped up to the rescue. Meet Chrissy Kemmner, WVU cheerleader, SI On Campuses Cheerleader of the Week. According to her bio the worst thing that can happen on a date is for it to become awkward and uncomfortable small talk which is what happens when someone is trying to hide their hard-on.

If that isn't enough here is the Cheerleader of the Week Index. Me like Krista (Auburn) and Lauren (FSU) though I'm sure there are others.


Johnny Jungle said...

Well here at St. John's we honor our cheerleaders and dance team girls every week with their own pin up page on my website. You should check it out. Our basketball might not be so hot but the supporters are!

chutta said...

Johnny jungle is trying to angle our dangles!