Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More trouble?

The Dominion Post (no linky because it is a pay site online) has reported in today's addition that Morgantown Police are investigating an incident involving a student getting beat up by what he claims were up to 6 football players including Noel Devine and Jock Sanders at a Morgantown club. No arrests have been made at this time. According to the report the student had a busted lip and claimed to have no idea what prompted the attack. The only good news at this time is that the incident did not appear to take place at Club Envy.


Brave Sir Robin said...

My folks were in town over the weekend to catch the Seton Hall game. I took them downtown Saturday afternoon and parked near Club Z/Blue Moose. My mom was shocked to see a pool of blood of considerable size in a doorway neighboring Club Z. I had to remind her that underage clubs are a dangerous place to be as soon as the thong show ends. Lets hope the accosted youth has mistakenly identified our brightest young players, and that they don't turn into more Pacmen. At least they didn't have a pool cue in hand, right?

Gregg said...

Club Z, Phantoms or whatever it's being called these days was always a shady place. Granted the drink specials were good, and there were always a plethora of girls; but the crowd always seemed a little rough for this "underage club" not to mention juiced up bouncers ready to pounce on anything that looked a them the wrong way.

Note to WVU athletes: Stay out of Club Z. There are a heck of a lot better places all over Morgantown to go to.